This year we are thrilled to welcome Russ Henneberry, acclaimed co-author of Digital Marketing For Dummies as a keynote speaker for DMDU Connect.

Russ is an expert in:

  • Creating high quality content with ease
  • Expanding the reach of your brand through proven strategies and tactics
  • Increasing audience engagement and monetize customers
  • Making the most of best practices in SEO and SEM, to maximise your content marketing and influencers to boost your brand
  • Learning the key steps involved in creating an individually tailored digital marketing campaign
  • Ensuring an effective lead magnet to convert visitors and create a return path with frequent and strategic communication
  • Importantly, keep captivating the audience whom you’ve worked so hard to target and have subsequently invested in your brand, products and services

Russ asks the question you should absolutely be asking yourself before attending DMDU Connect 2019:

What content is going to drive your leads?”

“I’ve done the work. I’ve put in the hours. I’ve fought the dragons. If you’re goal is growth in an online environment, chances are I can clear obstacles for you in minutes that could take years on your own,” says Russ.

Time to step up and move beyond the mass information overload of online courses, podcasts, books and blogs, and discover exactly what your target market needs.

Russ makes it so simple to pull out one of these three levers from his own book of tricks:

  1. Get more leads
  2. Convert more sales
  3. Retain the customers you’ve already converted, and retain them

Find out more about his system by watching this webinar with Sonya Keenan..

If you want your digital marketing to pack a punch, craft a killer campaign from scratch or just want to boost your social media presence, don’t miss this opportunity to see Russ live at DMDU Connect 2019.

Take advantage of this opportunity to benefit from the latest and greatest digital marketing has to offer – Russ’s ‘no-nonsense’ guide can help set you up for success.



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