Automation is a critical skill when playing nice with smart machines or as some would say ‘the robots’.

We automatically think robots are going to take over our jobs.  Be more hopeful.  However many of the tasks you do in that job will change.  Looking at which tasks will be replaced, we need to be ahead of the curve to understand what gets replaced first.  We then need to be able to hand over to the machine and then focus on what doesn’t get replaced by the machines as quickly.  Make sure we are on the right side of that line.

How often do you do the task that you do?  If you need to check your website hourly to check its all working, that is something the machine can do.  At the other end of the scale we’ve got tasks that need doing quarterly, like strategic planning.  That is something pretty much done by humans.

The key is to get the mix right

The more frequently it happens, the machine needs to get involved.  At the other end, the less frequently it happens the more humans need to be involved.

Here’s a task audit you should do:

Keep a piece of paper and jot down all the tasks you do.  This is a basic task audit.  As you do it, jot it down.  Plot them on this axis

Frequent stuff you don’t like – automate frequent, boring tasks you give to the machine.  Less frequent tasks like strategic planning, decision making, these remain with you.

Yeah but how?

Here is the 7 part anatomy of a task:

  • Trigger – something in calendar or something went wrong in your data
  • DATA – we are in data driver world so we need data to drive our decisions, but it can be useless
  • Information
  • Decision
  • Act
  • Outcome
  • Learn

That’s the 7 part anatomy of any task.

If we take those 7 things and push them to what should humans be doing – what should the machines be doing

You can see the machine should be doing most of that.  How can we automate turning data into information.  This is automation, some of the boring stuff.

DATA info – Stats show 86% of the working population use spreadsheets.  This is crazy.  Spreadsheets after spreadsheets of repeated data which gets turned into a chart at the end of the month to present to the boss.  How do we automate this data into useful information.

One way is Monitor Google AI.

Google Data Studio

This is a very powerful took that integrates with all google products, ads, analytics etc.. You can pull in data from any source.

You can then ask questions:

  • Are there any problems with any conversions?
  • Are trends changing over time?

Inside Data Studio I can split those apart and draw charts of the individual conversions. Individual performance.

You can chart all of your conversion.

  • What’s the structure of this account?
  • How are different campaign types performing?

Data Studio.

This will help  visualize the account.  No need to worry if you haven’t used google ads, analytics before.  What is the data you need to look at, ie frequent boring stuff and how you can turn that into useful information and how you can use a tool like Data Studio to automate that process.

  • Are the Search Queries what I am expecting?
  • Do they match the keywords?

One more Google example you can use in Data Studio that is impossible to do in Google ads but a wonderful way to diagnose an account.

Search Queries is what is typed into Google, how they found you and how they ended up clicking on your ad.

Keywords is your control of what you put in your account, if the search is close enough to our keyword, your ad will show.


The keyword is powerful.  Using Data Studio  can diagnose that quickly.

Click on keyword and search terms and you can get all your matchings.  If you see items in search term that are not expected, you can take action by going back to prove things in your account.  This way we are using the machine to make us better and faster at what we do.

Blog Post created from Mike Rhodes’ DMDU Connect LIVE 2020 Presentation.

If you would like to watch the full presentation, CLICK HERE and start your FREE 7 Day Trial.

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