When Mike Rhodes presented at DMDU Connect 2020 Artificial Intelligence – Less Artificial More Intelligence (How to play nice with machines in 2020),  he looked at  human Creativity and how to maintain it.

If you ask a bunch of 6 year olds ‘who is creative’ you will get a room full of hands up.

If you then ask a bunch of 30 year olds, only a mere few will make a show of hands. – somehow it gets beaten out of us as we get older

What is most important in campaigns.  Creative is half the fame.  The campaign offer is huge.

Can machines be creative?  Yes, they can write, paint and create music but they have no understanding of what they are creating.

Here are a few hacks to instantly make your ideas and copy more creative.

When you see a movie like Toy Story it is easy to assume some creative genius just wrote that story one day.  That’s not how Pixar works.  They have a creative process to ensure they have a wonderful movie.  The key to that success is:

Question – yes, and.  When someone pitches an idea, they sit around and pull apart every ones work.  You can’t say no – Yes, and.  They use this same method in improvise.  Make it a rule Yes, and.  See where the conversation goes.

Instantly you will see everyone becomes more creative.

2nd hack – STILLNESS

Turning off the inputs.  Get out to nature –  take a walk, go for a swim, do some meditation.  Don’t allow anything in.    The very best ideas often come whilst in the shower.  We must  take the time needed to turn off inputs.

3rd hack

The CEO of Netflix was asked what was their biggest competitor.   He answered:  SLEEP!  To be more creative, get more sleep.

And this little thing called BIAS

Blog Post created from Mike Rhodes’ DMDU Connect LIVE 2020 Presentation.

If you would like to watch the full presentation, CLICK HERE and start your FREE 7 Day Trial.

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