HERE’S the million-dollar question: How do we acquire these high-ticket clients predictably, affordably and reliably through online marketing for our expert empire?

Oli says to always sell high ticket, between $6000 and $36,000, and monetise it by using the phone funnel framework to move people through and reverse engineer it from the beginning.

This process is far better than any automated webinar.



Oli says the Phone Funnel Framework helps to increase consumption. Then we are more likely to:

  • Get people to know us, like us, trust us
  • Indoctrinate them
  • Pre-sell them on working with us.

He uses this process:

  • connect with people directly through Facebook ads, which include an opt-in page with a commitment incentive such as “reserve your 24-hour pass” to watch the primer video, which introduces the expert so the prospective client can get to know them. This then leads to the …

  • Main event video which will tell them what they’ll learn in the program to be offered, that “we’re looking to work with clients right now”, and if they’re a good fit, they can apply to see if they qualify.


  • The clients go on to the calendar and fill in some preliminary qualification information, which will determine if a call should be made to them or if they should be disqualified.



  • If the person is a good fit, they will have a strategy session: a low-pressure sales call, giving clients the opportunity to join the program. The calls from a sales representative last about 45 minutes each and follow a simple script for consistency to find out the problems the business is experiencing, diagnose them and then, if that seems the right fit, to enrol the client into the program.

“This is the key way that we enrol people every single day, between $5-10,000 over the phone, coming through our phone funnel,” Oli says.

“(Phone funnels) is a very simple process once it’s set up, and more importantly, you can actually have really good conversations with people, and you can decide whether or not they’re the right fit for you, and you can disqualify people … so you or your salespeople are only working with the hottest prospects at any given time.

“What’s amazing about it is that there’s one traffic source and there is one conversion mechanism … it’s a very uncomplicated structure, so you’re whole business is simplified selling this $5-10,000 coaching program with typically Facebook ads and the phone funnel framework, a sales script, and an online program delivery backed up by 12 months of coaching.”


Oli says the process allows the business owner to “think with the end in mind”.

“We want to make sure that those that show up are predisposed to buy, if they’re the right fit, and that they’re educated enough that they’ve been through it all.

“They’ve been through our digital magazine, they’ve been through our demo of what the program looks like, and so it’s going to overcome some objections in advance, before we get to the part of giving them the sales script.

“It’s a six-page script, where we really get deep into really the motivations of why people want to get your help, and then from that, we can discover whether or not it’s a fit or not.”

It’s a form of reverse engineering to ensure sales.

“You’re going to spend between $1000 to $1500 to buy a $6000 client – we do that every single day, and we do it with predictability using the phone funnel framework,” Oli says.

“Getting high-ticket buyers used to mean that you used to have a tripwire, we used have a lead magnet, we used to have a bunch of ascension.

“Now, we take people direct to coaching. Right to the top of the pyramid first.

“We can overcome the need … to get a high-ticket buyer with a small purchase or a free piece of information.”

Blog Post created from Oli Billson’s DMDU Connect LIVE 2020 Presentation.

If you would like to watch the full presentation, CLICK HERE and start your FREE 7 Day Trial.

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