The Ad, the copy, the creative, what shows up in someones newsfeed.  We need to analyse a few different metrix

  • Unique Link CTR (Click through rate) – not just general. Less than 1% you need to do some work.  1% – 2% is good
  • Frequency – how many times they’ve seen your add
  • Ad Relevance Diagnostic – New diagnostic tools from Facebook on add level to tell us how to better particular adds based off consumer behaviour and feedback.

You need to introduce new copy/creative to fight fatigue but importantly you need new hook ideas.

My best ideas come from Facebook ad library.  Freshen up what you are doing.  You don’t need to change colour of your video or words of your copy.   The best idea is to change the hook.  The hook is the reason someone is taking that action, how you are appealing to that human.

Some Hook ideas:

  • Tell a story 9 (first person – glorified testimonial) how is life, tell it
  • Tell story third person
  • Logic
  • Feeling – more empathetic
  • Have – have now or after they consume your product
  • Values
  • Before/After
  • Average Day
  • Status
  • Relevance
  • Analogy/comparison
  • Novelty

If you really want to fight fatigue, brand new hooks will give you optimization and scale

It’s a constant search for inspiration –  continually check out TV ads, ads in the supermarket.


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