SELL your knowledge, leverage your service delivery, and scale past seven-figure profits.   No, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme but a proven model creating “expert empires”.

Multi-million-dollar entrepreneur and online educator Oli Billson is living proof that what he calls the Hybrid Online Leverage Program Model works … and he has hundreds of other success stories to vouch for its worth, too.

Even better, you can keep your initial business but find a more scalable business inside of it by simply leveraging the assets you’ve built up in knowledge, skills, intellectual property, systems and processes that have led to your success and sharing that with others.

Thousands of people all over the world may value those assets and be willing to pay handsomely to be trained and receive advice to start their own business, and then continue to tap into that expert guidance and tuition for future growth and profit.

The model aims to achieve more profit, prosperity, and freedom for anyone who has had success in their own service-delivery firm by building an online education arm – part-time, full-time or as a bolt-on to an existing business – to create a “business inside a business”.

It works whether you start an information or coaching business on the front of your software company, for example, or you introduce a mastermind element on the back of your digital publishing business. It works if you own a marketing agency and have been spending too much in-the-flesh time with clients.

It works if you’re tired of trading time for money, are constantly hitting a growth ceiling or simply need to pivot in these COVID-crazy times.

It works if you’re a coach, consultant or expert and want to go from one-to-one delivery to one-to-many.

Done well, the online education “business within a business” can give you celebrity or authority status in your field, impact thousands of people globally and translate into a million-dollars-a-month  prospect.

“People want to come to you to solve a problem, and this is the most effective way of being able to do that without having to do it for them,” Oli says.

“It’s the closest thing to doing it for them and instead, doing it with them and coaching them through the process and for them to become a better implementer in the process.”

Taking the easy route

In the past, the “long road” to success may have held people back from trying.

But by using the Hybrid Online Leverage Model Program, the turnaround for the business and owner can be breathtaking.

“When we move to this model, we can expect higher profits, better pricing, we get more free time, we’ve got more capacity to scale, we’ve got better service delivery, and we’ve got an ability to be able to actually delegate properly to our team,” Oli says.

“All of these things come with removing ourself out of that service delivery, to have more profit, more freedom and more prosperity.”

Blog Post created from Oli Billson’s DMDU Connect LIVE 2020 Presentation.

If you would like to watch the full presentation, CLICK HERE and start your FREE 7 Day Trial.

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