THE story of how Oli Billson went from car-window tinter to multi-million-dollar online educator is a template for others to grow their businesses exponentially.

The turning point was when he began using the knowledge and experience he had gathered over 15 years running his own businesses to head in a new direction.

He uncovered “businesses within a business”.

Today, Oli has many titles: entrepreneur who created five multi-million-dollar companies, business coach, digital marketing mastermind and founder of Next Level Business (nextlevelbusiness.com) – a global firm with headquarters in the UK and US that other entrepreneurs and growth gurus turn to for advice.(29:05)

In fact, he’s the secret weapon many experts call upon when looking for a business breakthrough.

And he believes anyone can transition to expert empire – packaging knowledge, know-how, systems and expertise already acquired over many years – and in the process, creating wildly profitable businesses that can grow past $100,000 a month.

In the beginning, though, like any new dad, Oli found himself tired and overwhelmed, burning the candle at both ends in being a family man while trying to run his UK service-based business.

He needed to find a new way to expand Carvotion (specialising in changing the look of vehicles through window tinting, vinyl wrapping and the like) to be more profitable and provide for his growing family – Spencer, Sienna and wife Lindsey – while also giving him a better work/life balance.

Finding and training new employees to deliver such specialised services costs time and money. So instead, he looked inside his business for inspiration, leveraging the assets he already possessed – his knowledge, skills, intellectual property, systems and processes.

He was able to package them into a new business within a business that had scalable results.

This second business, Master Automotive Group, was used to train and educate people without any previous experience in the vehicle-appearance services that Carvotion already had conquered and mastered.

Oli was able to grow an international franchise from zero to 170 franchisees.


Once Oli began selling training as well as custom car services, he wondered if a second business within his business existed.

He soon realised many clients who had started their car-services franchises were facing marketing problems as fledgling companies.

So he found another way to monetise those customers he already had, by adding a second service: Car Profits Insider’s Circle, providing marketing and sales information to help grow clients’ businesses through monthly newsletter subscription sales.

This meant he didn’t have to build another team to go into the market and find more customers.


From all the good advice and information Oli’s businesses were sharing, clients were doing very well in their new ventures.

As a means of retaining those already converted customers and encouraging them to continue to subscribe, Oli next created his own association.

This association marketing anointed him as the expert in this field, knowing how to build a quality business and guide others – someone able to then provide more value and additional help in a different direction for an annual fee.


Oli’s quest – building more businesses within his business – continued, from newsletter subscription to creating an area-exclusive program, and a different kind of information-based model.

And then, having built his successful franchise model, he started consulting for clients in other fields on how they could franchise their businesses.

Pulling together all that he now knew with what he’d learned – good and bad – through experience, he built a consultancy.

From that consultancy work, he took the next step to a marketing agency.

Other experts began hiring his agency to run their marketing – writing all their copy, running ads and managing events.


Oli then wondered whether there was a way to start being THE expert, doing his own marketing and helping even more people. But he wasn’t sure at first.

So he partnered with another UK businessman, Dan Bradbury.

“We did his marketing for him and we joint ventured with him to build his information business, and then we got a slice of each member that we acquired,” Oli remembers.

“We were getting a slice of the pie on the back end, because we knew the things that he didn’t know as the expert, to be able to build that business.

“You don’t always have to have your own knowledge. You can actually … partner with other people to be able to do that.”


Then Oli made the decision to roll out a membership model called Player’s Club with a member’s fee of $400 a month.

It secured 213 members in four weeks: “a million-dollar-a-year business, created in a month, right under our nose”.

“This was all with people that were already very in our community, and we didn’t even know that business existed,” Oli says.

“I had a million-dollar-a-year business sitting under my nose, and because I didn’t package it, because I didn’t tell people about it, and say that we could help them, no revenue was collected.

“We must have been doing something great, because they stuck around for over nine months, which, in a $400-a-month membership, is pretty good stick rate.”


Oli believes there’s always one idea – a big domino – that could totally transform any business.

All of these stages led to his “big domino”.

He acquired nextlevelbusiness.com with a goal of helping people grow their businesses exponentially yet cut their work hours in half.

That help would come, not through subscriptions or $400-a-month memberships, but as a more personalised and focused, higher-ticket coaching program.

He developed the Hybrid Online Leverage Program Model, bringing together all his business knowledge, experience and insights into an exclusive, high-ticket, customised online education and coaching program for which many business owners were prepared to pay handsomely.

Oli acknowledges that change led to a profound shift in his business.

“You only need 200 units to actually build a million-dollar-a-year business at five K ($5000) … even if you run a high-ticket mastermind, like we do, you only need 33 people at 30K ($30,000) to do that,” Oli says.

“It’s not quite overnight success, but there’s a very specific format and process to be able to follow with this.

“When you make the shift, ‘$100,000 months’ become the norm … it can even go much, much higher than that – half-a-million dollars a month.

“It can really, really start to pick up pace very quickly.”

For some people, the idea of making a million dollars a month seems unachievable but Oli – and the clients of his education and training business – know what’s possible once minds are open to new ideas and concepts.

Blog Post created from Oli Billson’s DMDU Connect LIVE 2020 Presentation.

If you would like to watch the full presentation, CLICK HERE and start your FREE 7 Day Trial.

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