FOR any business growth model, the proof is in the pudding.

For Oli Billson and the Hybrid Online Leveraged Program Model, hundreds of success stories are testament to the possibilities.

These are people who are actually prospering and positively thriving in this current COVID-19 climate because they’ve made the transition to the new model.

They’ve become education experts, willing to help others start and grow their businesses in a high-ticket online space.

They’re people like Ralph Burns.

Ralph was very busy running his agency and was concerned he couldn’t find time to start his own online program and create content.

If you have a bricks-and-mortar business, are service-based or a consultant, you likely spend most of your day speaking to people. You’re tethered to the actual service delivery … just like Ralph.

But Oli convinced Ralph that he could create this “business within a business” by taking the charter program approach, working only a week ahead of his online students.

“And that’s exactly what he did,” Oli says.

“He launched his online leverage program without a product, exactly the way that I explained, and he got his first 10 clients in, and started figuring out what they wanted, and immediately started coaching them, and then started creating the curriculum around it.

“Think of it like software: we want to learn, then we want to create, and we want to measure, and we want to create worksheets and templates to supplement this stuff, which are like step by step guides that guide people through this stuff. It’s self-service, and that’s the beauty of this delivery mechanism: it’s completely autonomous.”

Many experts have used this model in some way, creating their own expert empires – whether they have, say, coaching on the front of their software business or have a mastermind element on the back of their digital publishing business.

The Hybrid Online Leveraged Program Model can be used by experts in all kinds of fields.

Who else is it for?

It has diverse application, as Oli outlines: “If you have advice to give, if you have knowledge to share, if you have unique know-how, maybe you have valuable experience or insights that you got over time, or maybe you’ve got actual intellectual property that’s yours … maybe you’ve got a success story, or maybe a slightly different business model that maybe others aren’t using … maybe you’ve got a unique sales model that you use that others aren’t using … or maybe, just like me when I first got started, you’ve got a passion for something that you know how to do and you want to share that with other people … or maybe you’re already an authority or celebrity in your niche and have some credibility and you want to be able to figure out a way to impact more people and generate a revenue for yourself.

“If any of those things sound like you, you belong in a very special place in the world of online education.

“That’s a very broad market, but it’s a very real opportunity to positively thrive in this new economy that we are in and that we are moving into.”

As coaches, Dom and Doug were tired of trading time for money, having that income capped and constantly hitting a growth ceiling.

When the world turned upside down as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, things started to change in their business.

“The first thing that was cut was people’s expenditure into their growth, and they were too busy looking for their own pivot,” Oli says.

“What they (Dom and Doug) did was take the online leverage program approach, and actually built a mastermind group inside of it, which is something that we helped them do.”

As a digital agency owner, freelancer or digital marketer for other types of businesses, you could also benefit from the Hybrid Online Leveraged Program Model – just like Michael King.

Michael had a very successful agency helping LASIK (laser eye surgery) clinics with their marketing.

But the done-for-you marketing and consulting took up a great deal of time for the money.

He took on this online leverage program approach with great success.

Chris Wills was a 23-year-old looking for a new sustainable business venture to write the next chapter in his life.

He enjoyed helping people with their marketing but didn’t have any niche-specific interests.

Oli says that through the online leverage approach, a niche was identified: helping financial advisors solve a common problem.

“He has never been a financial advisor, so you don’t necessarily have to use this model in a niche that you know of, or in a niche that you’re in right now,” Oli says.

“This could be something you adapt for a niche that you may want to get into.”

Robyn Beazley had become a very successful auctioneer.

She still runs her company but through this Hybrid Online Leverage Program Model, she was able to build a business inside a business, coaching other female entrepreneurs into starting their own businesses online.

Oli says you don’t need to just throw away the business you started.

Instead, you can build upon it and create a new revenue stream for it potentially, pivot across to something completely different, or bolt-on a very profitable income stream instead.

Growing your business with more clients doesn’t have to send you crazy.

More customers don’t have to equate to more pressure, and more pressure doesn’t mean that you have to internally combust.

“One of the biggest challenges that I used to face as an agency owner was the fact that, if somebody gave me five new clients today, my business would have capitulated,” Oli says.

“It literally would have broken … and business shouldn’t be like that.

“Or building more teams of people to deliver the service for you, so we have to take on more cost, more liability, there’s a lot more stress, there’s a lot more overwhelm.

“There’s a lot more challenges that come with that model, and there’s little take-home profit.

“Sometimes it’s roller-coaster income, and a lot of the time as well, we don’t always get the best results with that model for our actual clients.

“When we move to this model, we can expect higher profits, better pricing, we get more free time, we’ve got more capacity to scale, we’ve got better service delivery, and we’ve got an ability to be able to actually delegate properly to our team.

“All of these things come with removing ourself out of that service delivery, to have more profit, more freedom and more prosperity.”

Oli says he is proud of what has been achieved in creating these expert empires.

“We always have the user – the client’s best interest at heart,” he says.

“At the end of the day, the product will always win, and when you do it the right way, you can get amazing results and help a lot of people in the process – really transform their businesses, their lives, and have a significant impact for you as well.”

Blog Post created from Oli Billson’s DMDU Connect LIVE 2020 Presentation.

If you would like to watch the full presentation, CLICK HERE and start your FREE 7 Day Trial.

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