Our favourite Linkedin guru, Marcus Murphy recently spoke at our DMDU Connect virtual event under the topic of How I built a 7 figure business in 100 days during a global pandemic, Recession Racial Unrest, Completely Virtual  World where all travel  was restricted and Kenya West ran for President… Hint:  It has a lot to do with Linkedin and boy did he deliver.

Marcus took us through a journey of mastering the Linkedin experience to succeed beyond your capabilities if you find a better way to leverage your content.   This is by no means a get rich quick opportunity but the rewards are certainly there if you get it right.

We have put together a quick checklist of the highlighted topics below.   Following this blog we will run a series of blogs from Marcus’ session digging deeper into the Linkedin pathway.. stay tuned!



AWARENESS – How they see you.   Profile Picture, Headline, Summary Section Media.

ENGAGE – Skills, Endorsements, Join a group, they will follow you, give you phone number

SUBSCRIBE – Connection Messaging – sign up to your newsletter

CONVERSION – Content Creation Engagement – run a cheap trial – small win

EXCITE – Build your linkedin tribe.  Content plan, build the community.  Go to core offer.   Rollover trial of $1 or offer becomes $39 subscription.  Once they experience the value they will want more.

ASCEND –  You need to upsell and another upsell so you understand that people need to go deeper with every upsell

ADVOCATE – They will soon become advocates and these are the people you get a survey from.  Submit a testimonial video, its your measuring stick.

PROMOTE – Start partner programming, referral programmes, give people badges to go out and tell others.

Two questions noteworthy at the end of the session:

Why pay for Linkedin premium?   You get extra messages, Sales navigator is where you want to go.

Why Linkedin/not Facebook? – Linkedin is  the platform to connect professionally whereas Facebook is for families, meals and dates.  Do not court on Linkedin, women are appalled by this.

Blog Post created from Marcus Murphy’s DMDU Connect LIVE 2020 Presentation.

If you would like to watch the full presentation, CLICK HERE and start your FREE 7 Day Trial.

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