Our favourite Linkedin guru, Marcus Murphy recently spoke at our DMDU Connect virtual event.    Finishing up on our Linkedin series is the amazing Conversion of Marcus himself.  Enjoy

Cold calling is not dead, the people making the calls are.  Emails aren’t dead, the people who are writing them are.

Marcus was on a plane a few years back and heard a guy behind him say to the guy next to him, “What happens if the plane goes down?”.  This made him listen further.  He soon realized the guy asking the question was an insurance salesman and it was an absolute assault on the other guy.  Marcus took out his laptop and wrote an article called “Cold Calling is Dead and Jeff Weiner is my Hero”

The article was all about how terrible sales people are.  He gained overwhelming response and the article was shared by hundreds.  Many liked the article, some didn’t.  Then Jeff Weiner wrote this:

He then flew me to Linkedin.

He was then put on Linkedin panels.  He was soon filming his own Linkedin Learning Courses.  Millions of students all over the world participate in these courses all the time

Marcus wrote an article on Linkedin in 2016 and it completely changed his life.   Content is powerful when it’s the right content.  You need to know what’s going to start conversations, that gets noticed by the right people.  It can happen!


Now let’s take a look at original posts.  Marcus once posted:

It gained 43,789 views in one hour.  Responses were pretty good.  Some weren’t so much.  Do not respond to a comment if you are not going to engage in conversation.

Marcus’ boss at the time, Ryan Deiss, CEO of Digital Marketer wrote:

It just went more and more viral.

Marcus makes the point here, jokes aside, that you have to know what is going to start a conversation, what will it take to illicit a response.  There are numerous different opportunities whether that be one word, a video series or a video and content together.

You need to get to the question – what’s more important:


It is impact.  If you want really great content on Linkedin –  start putting out a video series, but you need to make an impact.  Putting out stuff that you are passionate about will make an impact.


Blog Post created from Marcus Murphy’s DMDU Connect LIVE 2020 Presentation.

If you would like to watch the full presentation, CLICK HERE and start your FREE 7 Day Trial.

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