Our favourite Linkedin guru, Marcus Murphy recently spoke at our DMDU Connect virtual event.   Here we gain some tips as to making our message connect to grow our Linkedin profile.

SUBSCRIBE – this is your connection messaging.  Here are some tips.

PERSONALISATION – its key  Look for opportunities.  Send to connect – you can add note but not necessary if you just want to connect.  If there is some big wig you wish to form a relationship with its okay to add a note but DO NOT do your sell – talk about them.  Add value – talk about why you want to connect with them.  Bigger likelihood they will engage with you.

INTRODUCING ACTIVE STATUS – major stuff.  People don’t use it enough, it’s the means to start making conversation.

MOBILE PHONE APP – Download.  Go to someone’s profile – green dot means they are active and available.  White dot inside green dot – they are available.

YOUR NEW BUSINESS CARD –  get creative as possible, right corner, share your code – Dig deeper

PROFILE VIEWS – how many of you reach out to people who view your page.  Most people think its weird, it’s weirder if you don’t.  They came for a reason, ask them.

GROUPS – you can message anyone if you are in a Group.  Create a group yourself or join a group.

MESSAGING – Hi, I have a pizza, wanna come around?  Just a sell won’t work,.   None are personalized.  Here’s five possible questions:

  1. Have you researched my company, do you know what I do?
  2. Have you looked me up on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc
  3. What are my companies themes – align with me to gain attraction
  4. What are my themes professionally and personally?
  5. How does your product or service make achieving those themes possible? Or at least faster?

This is what people respond to, cutting through the noise and the noise being one sided conversation that have nothing to do with the recipient.

Do this and you can be the winner.  Yes you can!

Blog Post created from Marcus Murphy’s DMDU Connect LIVE 2020 Presentation.

If you would like to watch the full presentation, CLICK HERE and start your FREE 7 Day Trial.

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