Our favourite Linkedin guru, Marcus Murphy recently spoke at our DMDU Connect virtual event.   Here we gain some tips as to making our message connect to grow our Linkedin profile.

SUBSCRIBE  is your connection messaging.  Let’s look at options.

PERSONALISATION – This is absolutely key and should be the focus when seeking opportunities.   When you log into the home page you see recommendations of people you can connect to.  If you click it will send just the invitation for you to connect, it’s not personalized in any way.  If you go into their profile and click on the ‘more’ open you will see the opportunity to Add a Note.    On most occasions people will connect with you so it is okay just to connect.  Having said that, should there be a big wig, high profile person, you should spend a little extra time to put a 300 character message in there.   You need to add value so DO NOT sell them anything.  Talk about them, why you wish to connect, this will add value.

INTRODUCING ACTIVE STATUS – This is major stuff which unfortunately is not used enough.  This is the means to start making conversations.  Download the mobile phone app.   When you go to someone’s profile, you will see either a green dot which means they are active and available.  A white dot inside the green dot means they are available on their mobile.  You need to break through the noise and this gives you the opportunity to do that, and more of a likelihood that they will respond.


YOUR NEW BUSINESS CARD – This is important and another tool not used enough.  You need to get as creative as possible.  QR Codes have been around since 1999 technology but if you use them the right way, platform specific, it’s amazing.   A lot of smart people are using them on their business cards, in videos, webinars and even at the bottom of emails.  The immediacy of using the business card will give you a lot of power.

PROFILE VIEWS – We all know that if we look at someone’s profile, they see it.  There is a missed opportunity in that.  Do you reach out to people who view your page?  The overwhelming answer is no.  Most people thinks it’s weird.  I think it’s weirder if you don’t.  They viewed your profile, you go and view their profile and you both know it.  In real life you would likely say hello.  They came for a reason – ask them.

GROUPS – You have to be connected to everyone on Linkedin in order to send them a message.  However, if you are a member of a group, you can go into that group and see the members listed with an option to message them individually.  This is a great way to connect to someone are have not been able to connect with.

MESSAGING – “Hi, I have a pizza, wanna come round?”   This definitely will NOT work as it is just a sell.     Everyone should ask themselves when reaching out to someone you want to connect to the five possible questions:

  1. Have you researched my company, do you know what I do?
  2. Have you looked me up on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc
  3. What are my companies themes – align with me to gain attraction
  4. What are my themes professionally and personally?
  5. How does your product or service make achieving those themes possible? Or at least faster?

These are questions you should be asking people.  When they see you have done these 5 things, you will have an amazing start because you will have cut through the noise.  The noise is merely a one sided conversation, that is selfish in nature, and has nothing to do with the recipient.  You will be the winner.



Do these things and you can be the winner.  Yes you can!

Blog Post created from Marcus Murphy’s DMDU Connect LIVE 2020 Presentation.

If you would like to watch the full presentation, CLICK HERE and start your FREE 7 Day Trial.

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