The destination is your landing page.   You have a click and they have landed.   The question is, where are they going to next?  You really want that transaction as soon as possible.  Let’s analyse this.

  1. Conversion rate of landing page – How many people are taking the action that we want.
  2. Average Order Value – the higher we can get the average order value the more we can pay to acquire a customer. As media buyers, we often forget this relationship. We get too focused on the add inside of ads manager and we forget to increase the conversion rate on the page.  If we increase the average order value we have now greatly affected the return on ad spin, cost per read without having to touch anything in Facebook.  That is the name of the game in 2020. Touch your campaigns as little as possible.   It’s not healthy to keep making changes as Facebook cannot digest these changes and will only take a few steps backwards.  Not good for your campaign process.
  3. Quantitative and qualitive data found via heat maps. So we can figure out what they are clicking on.  How far are they scrolling.  Are they clicking on something which will lead them off the page.  A regular occurrence is Youtube videos, it takes them off your page and down the rabbit hole of Youtube.

Benchmark Conversion Rates – These change depending on the type of business or what kind of campaign you are running.  These are the most common.

  • Opt in page where you are sending traffic to something that is free, eg. webinar, free video series.  A good conversion rate on an opt is 30-50%++.  If you go below 30% your page needs work. Your offer needs work.
  • Tripwire sales page/pre-sell article (free + Shipping, etc) = 5-10%++ conversion rate is great
  • Product Page = 1-3% – this is where you want to be.

Landing Page Performance

  • BOOM – Pre-sell 4.5%. Campaign successful.  36k conversations.  802k unique clink links. Conversion rate 4.5% (rounded to 5%)  Boom constantly ran tests
  • Smart Marketer – Opi in 36%. Opt-ins – campaign optimization. 3400 leads 9448 unique link clicks. 36% – ok.  Maybe do some critiques.  A special offer.  My goal now is to get this page up to 50%.  The significance on cost per lead would be substantial.
  • True Earth – Ryan McKenzie. Sales Page = 4.5%.  Great page, it’s a pre-sale page, but we will look at it as a sales page.  Fantastic for a sales page – 1-3% is normal benchmark. That page is not a weak point, always room to make better.  General standpoint – all traffic on home page.

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