Once your campaign is up and running, the data starts rolling in.  What do you do if its not working, what do you do if it is?  There isn’t a lot of step by step guidelines out there.

Troubleshooting and Optimising on your Facebook campaigns means it’s time to put your detective hat on.

If your campaign is succeeding great, you want more ‘scale’…  scale comes through finding new opportunities.

If your campaign isn’t meeting your expectations, then you need to figure out why and fix it.



Figure out which pieces are and which aren’t working and how we can improve.

Scale isn’t just about doing more with what you have, its to do with the issues with your campaign and fixing them, so you will have more horizontal and vertical scale to work with.

We are generally detectives researching, looking into things figuring out why. This is pretty new to the planet.  You need to put your detective hat on.   That is how you are going to fix it.

Think yourself as a detective.


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