You’ve finally built your beautiful campaign, you’ve pressed the magic button and the campaign is up and running.  Soon after you realise it’s not working.  What has gone wrong?   Your ad is great, you have a great offer, but it’s just not working.

Time to have a good look at your structure.   Don’t panic, mistakes are common.  Let’s delve deeper.

Am I getting reach?   You need to run your add for 2-5 full days without touching it at all.   This ensures you won’t get false positives or negatives.  Important areas to look at:

  • Policy/Authorisation – check Facebook ad policies and any social issues. These can hold up your add.
  • Billing – Accounts have been known to get hacked so double check your account.
  • Objective – Are they going to work for you?
  • Audience size – Ensure your objective compliments your audience size.
  • Budget – do not set budget too low if you want a good audience.
  • Pixel set up – must ensure this is set up correctly

Structure must reflect what you want to do.

There are two Structures:

Test Campaign new offer on page

  • Use 5-10+ ad sets with 500k to 3 mil audience size to allow you to test more audience. Plethora of interest.  Facebook can gain momentum.
  • 5-10 ads in each ad set (3 copy variations, 3 creative variations) to start. Any more is too much for Facebook to digest.
  • Budget at ad set level – gives more control


Building a campaign for scale

  • Start with 3-5 ad sets with 1 – 30 mil plus audience size – you will use CBO (Campaign budget optimization) – nor more than 5. Budget is not scale level.  This is proven.
  • Start with about 5 ads in each ad set (mostly existing ads with social prof)
  • Set budget at the campaign level.

Once you start scaling you can add further ads.  Some campaigns end up with tons of ads in them. It is okay to add an ad set to keep fresh but we do not add in new ad sets to a new CBO campaign to scale.  Do in a separate campaign.

You will get more reach and a broader depth of horizontal scale if you do scaling and additions in new CBO campaigns, it will not take away from what is already working in the campaign for you.



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