The best marketers are professional thieves.

Yes, you read that right.

They swipe, swipe, swipe the best ideas from each other to great advantage.

Don’t think you have to build a new campaign that has never been built before.  Few ideas in marketing campaigns are original.


Marketers don’t typically go into some dark room and come out the other side with a fabulous new campaign that never existed before.

Instead, they are just like Swiper the Fox from the children’s animated TV show Dora the Explorer: they steal or swipe anything worthwhile.

They swipe from each other.

They watch what each other is doing.

They talk to each other.

They become part of communities such as DMDU where ideas are shared so everybody wins in the marketing game.

They have already solved problems similar to yours.

In fact, your marketing campaign is more likely to get the greenlight if it’s been done before and has a proven track record – rather than being a new and unproven idea you’ve just come up with!


Swiping ideas that get results are an important shortcut to success.   Russ says this is one of the most important lessons he’s ever learned as a marketer.

He says we are all “standing on the shoulders of giants” – people who have done the legwork earlier and know what works – so all marketers should become “swipers”.

Great campaign ideas are everywhere and you should keep your eyes and ears open.

Russ says he’s notorious for taking photos of smart marketing tricks and putting them in his “swipe file” – even when he’s wandering the grocery aisles.

But there are easier ways to steal ideas.



  1. www.reallygoodemails: While saving and hording emails you receive is always a good idea, this readymade site has emails that can be adapted to suit your needs.
  2. The Facebook Ad Library: In the name of transparency in advertising, Facebook has created this library from all the advertisements that appear on its site. Google it and look at the ads from marketers who are solving the same problems you need to solve – such as brand awareness, lead generation and customer retention. Then steal/adapt to your heart’s content from an almost endless supply of good ideas.
  3. Swiped.co: that has some old-school marketing and copywriting examples that may come in handy to spark new campaigns.
  4. theCLIKK.com: Sign up for Russ’s own free daily email newsletter for digital marketers. As well as ideas to swipe, the newsletter breaks down the nitty-gritty of marketing – such as why a landing page or ad is set up the way or it is, blog deconstruction and home page analysis.

So here and now, we give you permission to steal because, just like the Mortein bug spray slogan of old: “When you’re on a good thing, stick to it”.



Blog Post created from Russ Henneberry’s DMDU Connect LIVE 2020 Presentation.

If you would like to watch the full presentation, CLICK HERE and start your FREE 7 Day Trial.

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