There’s so much quality content coming your way and, for some, it can be an adjustment or even be a little overwhelming. We wanted to share our top tips on how to get set-up, settled in and how to maximise your two jam-packed days with us.

Tips for first-timers (first-time virtual event attendees)

  1. Block out and schedule your sessions in advance – View our SCHEDULE HERE.
  2. Minimise distractions.
  3. On the day – Grab a coffee and your notepad, get snack ready, prepare a comfortable learning environment and start with a fresh open mind.
  4. Be present in the experience.
  5. Engage in the sessions – Use the live chat, engage in Q&A with the speakers.
  6. Engage in the Groups provided. DMDU Facebook Group
  7. Treat this virtual event the same as an in-person event. Just like an in-person event, take responsibility for your time and focus.


There’s so much opportunity for networking at a virtual event.

  • Take advantage of the live chat, Facebook Group and connect with other attendees!
  • Ask for slides after the event.
  • Be confident and active – Ask questions, be mindful, open to change and connect!



If you miss a session or are struggling to choose between two sessions, you can replay it on our Digital Marketers Down Under app (for up to 12 months after the event!) Say what? Yep, you can replay anywhere, anytime on any device up to 12 months after the event!

You can rustle your chips and popcorn as loudly as you want at DMDU Connect LIVE.

We reached out to Ash Roy | Podcast & Online Coach and Founder of ProductiveInsights, we asked Ash for tips on how to make the most out of DMDU Connect LIVE. Here’s what Ash had to say….


Want to get the most out of DMDU Connect live?

Since you’ve invested time and money in the DMDU Connect conference, you want to set yourself up for some serious ROI.

1. Set yourself up for success by studying the schedule (approx 15 mins)

Print out the schedule ahead of the event and go through each of the topics being presented. Circle the topics that interest you the most and ask yourself what specific business outcome you want to achieve by tuning in to that session. Ask yourself what you already know about that topic and check out the speaker bio.

Pro tip: Connect with the speaker on LinkedIn and tell them you’re looking forward to their session. Maybe reach out to them after the session too. They’ll probably appreciate it.


2. Adopt an in-person ‘conference’ mindset and create the right environment

Covid-19 has changed things, and we all need to adapt. Chances are, we’ll be having virtual conferences for some time now.

The question is: How do you ensure you get as much value from virtual conferences as you did from in-person conferences?

The answer: Your mental approach and your environment.

When you attend an in-person conference, the learning environment is created for you. I recently spoke to James Clear — the author of Atomic Habits — on the Productive Insights YouTube channel. He explained that our environment has a bigger impact on our behaviour than most of us realise.

When you’re attending an online conference, it’s up to you to manage your environment and set yourself up for success.

Assume you’re attending an in-person conference. Dress for the part. Don’t show up in your PJs (unless that’s how you show up to in-person conferences!). Get yourself a steady supply of coffee and snacks. Don’t attend the event while doing something else or while you’re travelling on a train (unless that can’t be avoided). Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by social media. It’s like anything really. The more you put into the event, the more you’ll get out of it.


3. Take disciplined, actionable notes and delegate to your team (if applicable)

Taking notes is a great way to really engage with the content. But remember what you did in point 1?

You specifically asked yourself what you’d like to take away from each talk.

So when you take notes, stick to actionable notes, and delegate the actions as quickly as possible to your team (if you have one). If not, put those action steps into a project management tool (Asana is awesome), so you can ‘delegate’ the work to yourself at a later point in time.

Always remember, you want to take action on the important things that build assets in your business, e.g. creating repeatable processes and systems. You don’t want to spend your precious time and energy on reactive tasks like checking your email constantly or doing ‘busy-work’ that doesn’t contribute to your long-term business success.


4. Reach out to a few other attendees on the DMDU Connect Facebook page before the conference.

Just like you would, in an in-person conference, reach out to a few other attendees at the DMDU event and ask them what they’re looking to get out of the event. This will foster a sense of community (for you and for the others). It’ll help the speakers to feel inspired to deliver more value, and everyone will benefit.

Share your ideas and thoughts in the Facebook group. Ask a few specific questions. You’ll be glad you did.

Do it now. I’ll be waiting!


5. Maintain and develop your relationships with the speakers and other attendees.

Often the most meaningful (and important) part of a conference is the relationships you build at the conference.

Make sure DMDU is no different for you.

Having connected with the speakers and other attendees, make sure you keep the relationships alive.

Nurture the relationship by offering to help and look for opportunities to be of service. Always look for ways to add value to other people’s journeys. What goes around, comes around.

I recommend using a CRM tool like Hubspot or Pipedrive to build and nurture these relationships.

See you at the conference… and for many years to come!

Ash Roy | Founder ProductiveInsights


Ash is on Friday 31 July, 2020 – Stream 2


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