Don’t let the hype of a conference be forgotten when you’re back in the office. Turn your new learnings into actionable strategies for your business, improve your career and inspire your team with catch-up content from DMDU Connect LIVE 2020.

Do you remember what Molly Pittman said about horizontal scaling? No? What was the name of that LinkedIn tool Marcus Murphy recommended? Forgotten it? Couldn’t decide between Ezra Firestone’s talk on business strategy or Ash Roy’s ‘Launching a Podcast’? This is a common problem after many events.

Although this year in the comfort of your own home (even if you do choose to stream in your PJs), there’s so much quality content at DMDU Connect LIVE 2020, it can be a little overwhelming for some and who wants to be scribbling notes the whole way through? 

So when you unplug those headphones at the end of the day on 1st August 2020, we want to make sure you didn’t miss a thing. That’s why all of our content is available on Digital Marketer’s Down Under, so you can watch the DMDU Connect 2020 REPLAY!

Listen back when you like, wherever you like for a whole year!

All included in the price of your ticket to this year’s event (usually $37.99 per month to access).

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Get access to the Digital Marketers Down Under Library, not only will you have access to the DMDU Connect Live 2020 Replay you will be able to catch up on-demand with content:

  • All sessions from DMDU Connect 2019, and 2018!
  • Online training courses

Be taught by the world’s leading Digital Marketers and learn strategies to get more traffic to your site or practical skills on how to run an SEO audit…

  • Webinars 

Join experts like Molly Pittman, Marcus Murphy, Sonya Keenan and more giving you the low-down on the latest strategies…

  • Workshops 

Listen to the coaching of real-life business problems…

  • Join a community 

Meet thousands of other business owners and Digital Marketers in Australia and worldwide, facing the same challenges as you and learn how to overcome them!


The roadmap to recovery for your business or career

This year has been a challenge for us all, businesses have been hit hard, we’re facing the highest unemployment rates in decades, and we’ve all been forcibly migrated to online working whether we were ready or not. 

The same goes for us at DMDU, this year’s usual physical conference will now be live-streamed. But as 2020 sees a 12.5% increase from last year, to 1,206 million* users of streaming services worldwide*, it’s just about adapting your business to ‘the new normal’.

So the focus for this year’s event is getting you back on track after COVID-19. We’re equipping you with the latest strategies in paid online advertising, content marketing and SEO; we’ll show you what’s working across Facebook, Google and all online channels; and find out how to generate the best assets to make the most out of these powerful platforms. 

Plus industry experts like Russ Henneberry, Molly Pittman, Marcus Murphy and Oli Billson to name a few, will be offering help for your business – leaving you with a plan to better optimise revenue streams, and tackle what lies ahead in these uncertain times.

GET ACCESS TO DIGITAL MARKETERS DOWN UNDER, and don’t miss out on a valuable source of support – catch up on the content when it suits in the next 12 months.

Simply download the DMDU app from the App or Play store, or head directly to https://www.digitalmarketersdownunder.com/.


*Figures from 2020 Statista report 

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