Delivered virtually or live How to re-activate your full human potential

  • How to re-calibrate relationships and re-discover joy
  • How to re-energise and re-align your team
  • How to re-inspire, re-focus and re-store meaning
  • How to re-ignite confidence and enthusiasm
  • How to reconnect hearts – virtually and physically
  • How to stay sane and even thrive while working from home.

We have never experienced a time like this before. Mental health issues are skyrocketing. Fear and uncertainty are undermining people’s health and their relationships.

Now, more than ever, we need to re-frame everything that is going on and educate people and give them the skills to deal with the ‘uncertain, changing every day, new normal’.

To keep teams connected, motivated and maintaining a sense of purpose and belonging, is challenging in good times when everyone is physically present. It’s a whole new world working from home, dealing with children at home and working and being totally disconnected physically from others.

Not to mention those who have found themselves unemployed. I designed this material to address all the above issues and re-store some sense of control in people no matter where they are. And to establish the deep connections people are craving.

This whole experience can be seen as a time of devastation and depression – or it can be seen as an opportunity to do many things that can make positive changes in our lives, and …

Re-activate our full human potential and our humanity.

  • To fill us with life force.
  • To fully engage in life and living.
  • To re-create the life we really want.
  • To re-engage us with our passion, meaning and purpose at work.

The choice is ours. This keynote gives you the tools and mindset to choose wisely.

Watch Episode 1 – The Subtle Art of F.A.R.T.ing NOW!


Amanda understands that getting down to business isn’t all about targets and optimizing click throughs. The heart and profit center of every business is about how people think, and consequently, feel about themselves; and how they make others feel. How we feel about a personal or business relationship informs every part of our decision to invest with them. Amanda’s action-packed performances offer an abundance of use-it-now tools to create deep, lasting relationships at every level — with family, customers, colleagues, and clients. Everyone leaves energized, enthusiastic and re-engaged!


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