What do we need to have a conversation with somebody? A phone number. It’s not email addresses, is it?

What do we know when we asked for more information on a landing page? The conversion rate goes down.

How do we open up channels of communication that we are going to need in the sales process? How can we do that in advance, knowing that ultimately, we want to speak to somebody?

We do that through an advertising objective called Facebook Lead Ads.

Have you run Facebook Lead Ads as your Facebook advertising objective? It’s really not great, and you get really bad leads. Really low cost but not great! Why? Because the pre-populated emails are not the same email addresses that people are using now.

If your email address is hotporn23@hotmail.com, when you first signed up, and now it’s like sophisticatedladygoestodinner@gmail.com, you’re a different person.

The one piece of information that Facebook changes rarely is the phone number! How do we get that from Facebook?

We provide it to them as part of the security mechanism when we first sign up, so we can get back in.

Now you can communicate with the device in your prospects’ pockets.

This is a new opportunity and exciting!!

Facebook Lead Ads are great because they’re easy to set up. Facebook internally have reported that they are much better than other lead objectives that things like conversions, and so on and so forth. Facebook supports this because you are keeping its users inside of the platform. It’s something they can monitor.

We’re not going to just target people on desktop, because if we know we can target them just on a mobile, what are they more likely to watch and consume and engage with? A text message, right? On that actual phone. This will give you a 100% open rate, even an 80% watch rate!

This is how you set it up,

  • We create a new campaign in Facebook
  • We use the lead generation objective
  • We confirm the terms with Facebook that we want to collect leads inside of our platform

At the advertising level, we are asking to only serve ads, we added the placement to only target mobile devices.

We create a new lead ad form and we select more volume. What we then do is ask to collect three pieces of information:

  1. Phone
  2. First Name to personalise for follow-up
  3. Mobile phone number

We then asked one critical question on the lead ad form… “Would you like the video instantly text to you?”

This gives us Permission! It allows me to continue the conversation through the media and the modality that they originally responded from. So, what are they more likely to engage with afterwards? How we originally got them in there in the first place. They can say no, but it’s 85% upwards of the number of people that will actually say “yes, text it to me”. Why? Because they’re already on their mobile phone. They don’t want to have to wait, people don’t want to have to wait for that information.

We then link out to the Terms and Conditions and then on the Thank you Page ( because every Lead Ads has a Thank you Page) we can actually send them to an external URL.. You can put your ManyChat URL here.

 Now, the information we have is:

  • Email
  • First Name
  • Phone Number (primary mechanism to follow-up with them)
  • Also subscribed them to ManyChat.

Multi-Step Multi-media Sequential Follow-Up wins every single time. The more that we’re able to follow up with people, the more that we can capture, the better opportunity that we have.

This was an app that I created when I was speaking at Traffic and Conversion back in 2018 on the Phone Funnel Framework, just to show you the experience that you’re giving people.

They are three clicks away from providing all the information that they need, and that you need to follow-up in the modality that is congruent with the device that they are  on.  We are mirroring  and  matching  the  device  that  they’re  on,  to  increase the consumption and the engagement of the value that we’re providing. Through that value, more people are going to bubble up into having a conversation with you.

Facebook loves it because we’re retaining them in the environment that they want to be kept in. This works with any type of ads that you want to run. That means we can focus more of our attention on getting attention from people in the news feed. We can write long-form ads, short-form ads, all driving people through one funnel, one advertising channel, one conversion mechanism and one sales mechanism.

Simplicity wins the day, you don’t need anything complex to make this work.

We have found a really effective way to capture, we are advertising on the most convenient device and we are delivering.

Now you want to sync back that contact information into Active Campaign, Hubspot, Keap…  whatever you use.

This is where we start the party… because we want to follow-up! We want to make sure we follow up in a multi-step kind of way and continue the relationship with them.

Now you can connect with a device that’s in all of our prospects pockets.


Entrepreneur & Business Coach
Founder Next Level Business

Oli has been in business since the age of 15 and has created 4 multi-million dollar businesses, one of which he scaled internationally with 170 franchises and has recently sold. Oli’s superpower lies in strategizing and implementing conversion-led, money-making sales and marketing funnels. His latest venture is NextLevelBusiness.com, transforms “normal” businesses into fast-growth businesses that experience double-digit growth year after year


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