The big thing that not a lot of people talk about, is the content that people are consuming before they speak to you.

What’s the one thing you actually need people to do? Consume the content, right?

To form a relationship with the lead, you need to know:

  • What’s the cost of getting them to attend?
  • What’s the cost of actually getting them to see the offer?

With the Phone Funnel Framework, if we can increase consumption, we are more likely to then be able to:

  • Get people to know us, like us, trust us
  • Indoctrinate them
  • Pre-sell them on working with us

When we actually get on the call, the close rate on the call goes up! We can have more qualified, quality conversations and we can go from a very complicated funnel to a simple funnel.

Begin with the End in Mind

What we do with the Phone Funnel Framework is begin with the end in mind. We should always know how we’re actually going to sell to them before we go to lead generate.

I can generate loads of leads. But if none of those leads ultimately ascend into a quality conversation for you to actually sell the thing that you need, it’s no good. Instead of thinking about lead magnets, different offers and all the different things you can do to generate leads at a low-cost rate… none of it matters. It really doesn’t.

What really matters?

  • The cost of the actual sale
  • The time it takes for our cash flow engineering
  • The next metric that we look at is the costs for us to get an appointment

What I believe in, is the power of one to one.

One traffic source, One educational piece of content and one sales mechanism.

Here are the six steps of the phone funnel framework:

1.The Facebook Ad

This works exactly the same for Google AdWords, using that click to text extension as it does using Facebook ads.

When I go out to spend my own money on ads, I want to know what to expect. When we start a campaign because we know how predictable and reliable and simple the Phone Funnel Framework is, we can start to reverse engineer the numbers.

  • How would you like to know whether or not things were performing well, at each different milestone of your campaign?
  • Will you do it by engineering it this way?

These are the milestones that we look at, we live and die by these numbers, we report on them every single day in our business. We have to understand the ‘Money Maths’.

This is the holy grail of being able to scale your business, to have an inbound selling system that actually is simple and works.

  • Don’t run the ‘machine’ by emotion – Run that machine by the data and not by how we fail. Change one thing at a time, so that we can begin to just isolate the problem.
  • Measuring performance vs benchmarks – Make proper performance benchmarks.
  • Isolate, Iterate, adjust and improve – Then we can isolate, iterate, adjust and improve as we go on something that’s already working.

The first part of the Phone Funnel Framework is actually to get some of the telephone numbers because what do we need to have a conversation with somebody is phone numbers.

It’s not email addresses is it? It’s the phone number.

2. Facebook Lead Ad Form

How do we open up channels of communication that we’re going to need in the sales process?

How can we do that in advance, knowing that ultimately, we want to speak to somebody? We do that through an advertising objective called Facebook Lead Ads.

Have you run Facebook Lead Ads as your Facebook advertising objective? It’s really not great, and you get really bad leads. Really low cost but not great!

Why? Because the pre-populated emails are not the same email addresses that people are using now.

Example: If your email address is hotporn23@hotmail.com, when you first signed up, and now it’s like sophisticatedladygoestodinner@gmail.com… you’re a different person. This information is useless to us.

The one piece of information that Facebook changes rarely is the phone number! How do we get that from Facebook? We provide it to them as part of the security mechanism when we first sign up, so we can get back in.

Now you can communicate with the device in your prospects’ pockets.

This is a new opportunity and exciting!!

Facebook Lead Ads are great because they’re easy to set up. Facebook internally have reported that they are much better than other lead objectives that things like conversions, and so on and so forth. Facebook supports this because you are keeping its users inside of the platform. It’s something they can monitor.


3. The SMS

We’re not going to just target people on their desktop, because if we know we can target them just on a mobile, what are they more likely to watch and consume and engage with? A text message right? On the actual phone.

We can go from advertising on mobile, to getting a text message to the phone, and how many unread text messages are there? How would you like 100% open rate? How would you like an 80% watch rate of your video knowing that they’ve actually got to watch something?

This works so well because there is a congruency between the response mechanism that responding to your ad on Facebook and the delivery mechanism of the fact that that’s already on a mobile device, and then we’re actually delivering your text message to them.

We’re advertising on the most convenient device to them.

We want to sync back that contact information into Active Campaign, HubSpot Ontraport, whatever you use, and then we want to start the party…because we want to follow-up.

We want to make sure that we can follow-up in a multi-step way and we continue a conversation with them. Now it’s a new opportunity for us to connect with the device that’s in all of our prospects pockets.

I’m not here to tell you that email is dead, that would be absolutely outrageous. But now I’ve opened that you are massively under leveraging this from a lead generation to a sales conversion perspective.

We have hundreds of unread emails, have made it much easier than ever before, to actually just archive a lot of messages all in one go. How many PDFs, whether it’s guides, infographics, whatever stuff you end up looking at online these days, do you ask for information about and provide your email address and never actually get to look at? Honestly, Lots of people.

You have to know who’s marketable and who’s not marketable.

  • Who’s marketable and engaged within a time period.
  • Who becomes unmarketable.
  • How do we then begin to start to get those people reactivated into our marketing funnel.

How do you actually get into their phone?

One of the first things that we do, when somebody responds back to that lead ad, where we’re capturing that phone number, we want to get inside of their phone.

We want to know that when they get the text messages from us just like emails, they know who it’s from. So, we send them a V-card.

A V-card is a way of delivering a packet of information to them that they can save into their phone.

This is also great for those of you franchise owners.

When you need a plumber, where do you go?

If somebody asked you, today, I’m on the Gold Coast, I need a plumber today, you’ll probably go to find your favourite plumber, where? On your phone! You know Mike the plumber on your phone. You see where we’re going? It’s the most valuable business card you’ve got. It’s a great referral facility as well.

The cool thing is with a V-card, you can put additional links in there. Links like landing pages as well. We can facilitate this multi-step multimedia follow-up.

So when they give us the opportunity to actually text them with information and provide value, we also simultaneously still send an email.

When we think about text, it’s a different feeling. We do a lot more based on our relationships than we do on logic. Getting a good text message, it feels different, doesn’t it? It feels like we’re friends. What you’ll be glad to know is you’ll be thinking to yourself, okay, well, Oli, all this sounds great, and you said it was really simple. Well, the first part seems simple. But what about the pages and the things that they need to go through? Well, the best part of this is where do you send people once you’ve collected that information? And you send them to three places, and they go in sequential order.

4. Watching the Video

How to increase the engagement and consumption of your actual content. You do that with something called a primer video.

What: We want to prime somebody before they go into our main video.

When you request something, if I asked you to go and watch a 30-minute video and I just take you from a text message to just go and watch it, the chances are: some of you may watch different parts of it, maybe it’s you start watching it 20%, 30%, 50%, but there’s a good proportion of people that don’t get to the part, that actually is the part where I tell them to continue the story and to get on a call with me.

The primer video sets them up for what they’re about to watch.

We pre-frame that to them in future pace. Then, of course, this is a proven method of commitment and consistency. They’ve requested the information. We’re now following through on providing it to them. We’re actually pulling them through.

There are two scripts for the primer video. But the best one is:

“Hey, there, how you doing? It’s Oli Billson here. Thanks so much for requesting the information about phone funnel framework. I’m really excited for you.

If you’re somebody that needs to generate sales appointments, predictably, reliably, and in a way that does it by turning advertising into profit…Then add the video that you’re just about to watch is going to detail for you how we took a business from this to this, future pacing.

When you stay to the end of that video, I‘ve got something that I think you’ll find really helpful in you being able to put this to work in your business in the shortest time possible.

All you need to do right now is go and watch this video on the other side. Please take 20 minutes out of your day to watch this, it could have a profound impact on your business.”

I’m future pacing them, and I’m slowing them down on purpose so that we get them to consume, engage in our main video.  Of course, there’s going to be some people that actually request the information, but they don’t actually do what we want them to do. That’s just human nature. So we set up some contingencies for those people that don’t watch the video, don’t get to the primer video, because we know whether or not they clicked from that text message. We send them several conversation starters.

Now, the main event video is about 25 to 50 minutes in length. It’s an educational video sales letter.

Typically, it’s a keynote presentation, it can also be face to face as well if you feel more comfortable in doing that. At the end of that video, we ask them to a text us with a keyword. It doesn’t seem weird or strange when I’m done asking them at the call to action at the end, to text me with a success keyword. Because again, it’s another hoop. Because what do I want from that sales appointment? What’s the whole point of this? Sales? Qualified conversations.

The main event video:

  • We provide value, we provide a few teaching chunks about their problem, their desires, their challenges.
  • Reaffirm what a great decision they made.
  • Tell them what to do next if they’d like us to solve that problem for them.

Next Step = Get them to a Sales Appointment

On this page, we still take them to another video, because we really, really, really want to make sure that these people have the right people to speak to.

Now, we have a Simple NLP confirmation. You’d like to use the Phone Funnel Framework in your business in the shortest time possible.

5. The Call

“If you want to go and book a free discovery call, you can do that right now by clicking this button. Before you schedule, you should know that x, y and z.” That’s the pattern of this call.

After they have booked, they go through to a Show Up Page which they will see this immediately after that. This gives them the confidence and clarity to get on that call with us knowing that they are pre-armed with the information that they need to make a buying decision.

This is all part of (what I call) the F.S.M.C formula.

It begins when they opt-in from Facebook, it ends when they are finishing, when they actually book a call.

There are multiple contingencies along the way to make sure that they’re following all the way through this. We have our:

  • Traffic source
  • Primary video
  • Main event video
  • Scheduler, after they’ve scheduled, they go through qualification. Then they see the show up page, and then there’s our sales appointment.


Texting is really the gateway to the telephone.

Come away from thinking about cost per lead and thinking more about the cost per conversation.

What does it cost to actually generate a conversation? There are lots of people out there that you can interact with in a much more effective way, by sending text messages rather than emails to elicit a response from somebody.

6. Nurture Follow-up

I can send a message saying, “Hey, this is Alsa from Oli’s office, I notice you watched the case study video, what did you think of the concept?”

It’s a two-way technology; they come back into our support, we can then work that conversation, overcome some objections to get them onto a sales conversation.


Talk TO people and NOT AT people.

In doing so, we can really bridge that gap between what seems to be marketing and advertising and sales into one.

We can talk to people in a humanised way through media that they will respond to, on a device that’s near them to be able to get the success that we need.


Entrepreneur & Business Coach
Founder Next Level Business

Oli has been in business since the age of 15 and has created 4 multi-million dollar businesses, one of which he scaled internationally with 170 franchises and has recently sold. Oli’s superpower lies in strategising and implementing conversion-led, money-making sales and marketing funnels. His latest venture is NextLevelBusiness.com, which transforms “normal” businesses into fast-growth businesses that experience double-digit growth year after year


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