There is so much more to a successful ad campaign than what we see in the news feed.

When you think about creating a Facebook campaign, or just the mechanics behind a high converting Facebook campaign… most of us think about how the ad actually looks, but there’s so much more to it.

  • What is your front end in Facebook scale? The front end of your strategy is the offer, right?
  • So what offer are we sending traffic to, in order to acquire customers as cheaply as possible?
  • Where are you sending this traffic to?
  • What are you asking people to do? Are you sending traffic directly to a product page for them to buy?
  • Is your offer just “Hey, buy my product?”
  • Are you first sending them to maybe a pre-sale article to educate them first and then making an offer to sell your product or service. Maybe you’re first sending them to some sort of lead magnet or webinar to first generate the leads in order to build a relationship with them before you pitch your product or service?

If you are selling physical products online, I recommend that you first start by driving traffic directly to a product or sales page.


A Pre-sell Article is very similar to an advertorial that has been around for 50 plus years really since we started advertising in newspapers and magazines. This is a strategy that Ezra Firestone and I use a lot with his cosmetic brand BOOM by Cindy Joseph and our strategy for front end is we actually send 90-95% of our cold traffic directly to this pre-sell article.


Pre-Sell Articles are built to help you scale because you’re going to reach parts of your market that aren’t interested in your product if you’re just going direct to a product page. These people need a bit more education or entertainment upfront. This is how a pre-sell article allows us to scale.

BOOM speaks to women over the age of 50.

Headline:        5 Makeup Tips For Older Women

In the second headline, How to bring out your natural beauty at 50, 60, 70 and beyond, we are speaking directly to our avatar and giving value first.

We provide the 5 makeup tips right away in dot point form…

Image: We have then simply added an image of the co-founder of BOOM.


Testimonial: We have added information under the co-founder’s image and have mentioned that our products have been tested on celebrity Jennifer Aniston.

Our findings: With and without Jennifer Anniston this mention didn’t give us a lift at all, which was interesting. But we’ve kept Jen there because it didn’t decrease the conversion rate either.


CTA (Call to Action)

Next, you will see that we have added CTA for the product.

– Pre-Sell Article End –

BOOM is an excellent example of a value providing Pre-Sell Article, where we are:

  1. Educating
  2. Building a relationship
  3. Transitioning the content which seamlessly entices us into wanting to buy the product that we’re actually selling.

We have 90-95% of all of BOOM’s Facebook ad traffic/cold traffic going directly to this Pre-Sell Article.

Creating this Pre-Sell Article has really allowed us to scale out to parts of the market that weren’t yet ready to buy the product, after seeing the product in their newsfeed and going direct to the product page.

These people needed to be educated and entertained on the product first.


This pre-sell article has been the best converting pre-sell article for BOOM of all time.


If you are an e-commerce business, you have two options…  for your front-end strategy, either going:

or if you’re in more of scale mode, going…

  • Directly to a Pre-Sell Article that then sells your product.



Molly Pittman

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Molly is a digital marketing expert and educator. She is the co-host of Perpetual Traffic, one of the most highly regarded marketing podcasts around. She also coaches and consults with businesses to provide unique digital marketing plans tailored to their goals and setting strategy for some of the world’s fastest-growing companies.


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