So, you’ve got a product and you are directing customers from your Facebook Ads to your Product Page… Direct to Page.

Are you scratching your head, wondering how to create Facebook ad copy for your sales page?

Here’s a case study explaining how we set up the DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit page.


Who: Dave (You may have seen him from Molly Pittman’s Free Facebook Course)
Dave’s Product: A DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit

Dave generated $3 million on Amazon last year and has just built a Shopify site.

He is wanting to run Facebook traffic directly to his site to generate sales.

What’s important when you are running direct to page in Facebook (especially if you are e-commerce) is:

  • Your ad has to be really good
  • You need to know who/ what you are talking about
  • You need to go into detail on how this product is going to affect their life

A lot of the selling is done through the ad copy and your ad has to be solid.

I normally use Ad Grid or Google Docs to create the Facebook ad copy.

Who are your Avatars? You need at least two.

Avatar #1: Wife/ Partner buying for their spouse for a birthday, Father’s Day or just as an “I love you.”
Select Reviews: Go through reviews and chose reviews that are super specific for your particular Avatars.

For Example:

  • “Perfect for the hard to shop fellow”
  • “I bought this for my boyfriend”
  • “Was great for date night”
NO “best gift ever”, this type of review is not speaking to the desired end result for this person.
Offer a Discount: Add CTA for 10% off to overcome that barrier to purchase.

We need to have:

  • Avatar Copy Variation 1 and Copy Variation 2 ( two copy variations).
  • 2 different hooks as you need to speak to different types of people with different needs/requirements

Copy Variation A “Americans spend $16 billion a year on unwanted meaningless gifts”
Copy Variation B “72 million people would rather spend money on an experience rather than a thing.”
Testimonial: Still use a specific testimonial
Targeting: People who are engaged, married, have an anniversary coming up, women

Avatar #2:           Someone who would consume this gift.

For example, A hot sauce grilling enthusiast, someone who just loves hot sauce or just can’t get enough of it.

Copy Variation A This hot sauce kit has everything you need to make 7 bottles of lip-smacking hot sauce right from home.
Copy Variation B Can’t find one at the grocery store that’s hot enough to your liking. Don’t worry you can make your own at home.
Testimonial: Add specific testimonial that backs up your hooks

So now you have four ad copy variations and two avatars.

Avatar #2 Targeting:

Targeting:           All types of hot sauce brands, bbq blogs, bbq tv shows and different grill brands

This ad copy took me 5 hours to prepare. You need to spend time with the avatar copy.

  • As well as the ad copy you will need to create a great video. We sent ours to a creative.
  • We created 2 different ads for our different avatars.

If you go to the Facebook Ad Library, you can view the ads there.


Molly Pittman – Facebook & Instagram Ads

Molly is a digital marketing expert and educator. She is the co-host of Perpetual Traffic, one of the most highly regarded marketing podcasts around. She also coaches and consults with businesses to provide unique digital marketing plans tailored to their goals and is setting strategy for some of the world’s fastest-growing companies.


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