Are you asking yourself, “How do I scale Facebook ads?” and “How do I scale my customer acquisition Strategies?”

There are definitely tactical ways to scale in Facebook. People are asking themselves, “Do I duplicate the ad set?” and “Do I increase my ads budgets?” There are mistakes you can make, but once you get something working in Facebook it’s pretty easy to scale.

True Scale in a business when it comes to customer acquisition is, what I call, Horizontal Scale. You have heard from the so-called Gurus, that True Scale means you have to scale your ads up to $20,000.00 a day, but that is not True Scale.

Your marketing, in general, is not just about spending more money, it’s about how you are horizontally scaling so that you can capture the attention of more people and acquire more leads and customers.

The easiest way to scale traffic and acquisition is by introducing new offers, new ideas and new content to your traffic system. True Scale is finding different hooks that resonate with your audience.

For Example: You are selling a toothbrush…

What are the 10 different reasons your Mum avatar is going to buy that toothbrush? You have 1 hook that is working, but not all Mums are the same and experience different pain points.

You need to scale by:

  • Reaching them with different messages
  • Scaling to different avatars
  • Scaling to different audiences
  • BUT the biggest way to scale when it comes to top of funnel traffic is to introduce new strategies.

Here are the 5 Facebook Acquisition Strategies for Scale that I use and that I recommend all of you use:

  1. Direct to Product Page
  2. Pre-sell Article
  3. Lead Magnet
  4. Free Video Series
  5. Dynamic Product Ads

1. Direct to Product Page

Sending traffic directly to a product page.

Direct to product page works for ALL business types.

It’s easy to go direct to a product page and sell a product when it’s a physical product. It’s really easy for the consumer to understand because they can hold the product or get it in the mail.

If you have an information product or software, it’s a lot harder to go directly to a product page from cold traffic because a relationship needs to be built and the lead still needs to be generated.

For this particular Facebook strategy, I am telling Facebook, “Hey I am sending traffic right to the product page and I want people to buy.”






2. Pre-Sell Article

The Pre-Sell Article is one of my favourites and is the most underutilised of any of the strategies.

This strategy is a bit different and it’s not direct to page. It is going to a Pre-Sell Article which is a piece of content that’s built to capture avatars’ attention in the newsfeed.

  1. Get them to click
  2. Give them some value first
  3. Educate
  4. Give them content seamlessly leading them to a pitch for your product.

Business Type: All business types can use Pre-Sell Articles
When: Pre-Sell Articles are really built for cold traffic, but you can use them for warm traffic as they make great retargeting offers for people who have visited your site before and never purchased, as a way to further build relationships.
Objective: Conversion & Purchase objective is the goal.

Don’t use traffic objective as you will reach click-happy people.

Example: In terms of performance, BOOM BY CINDY JOSEPH is the best example I have ever seen of a Pre-Sell Article page! (By Ezra Firestone)

Heading:             5 Makeup Tips for Older Women.

Target Market:   Women over 50.

This Pre-Sell Article heading is simple and catches attention, leading into the article.

Quick simple tips for women in this market. There are two sentences under each dot point and not a huge blog.

Instead of saying “HEY, DO YOU WANT TO BUY MY MAKEUP.” Some people, yes, we do send direct to product page with BOOM but there are some women that possibly, at that moment, need makeup and are willing to buy now directly from a product page.

Remember, we are trying to scale. We are trying to reach other women in this market that aren’t as immediately ready to purchase makeup but could be if we show up in their feed, share some makeup tips, we can pixel them and they will be ready down the track.

Here are example Facebook Ads from BOOM, linking people to the pre-sell article:

Quick Makeup Tip: Do you use powder-based cosmetics? Such an incredible ad because it’s not just about the tips, you want to know the answer to this question. At the bottom, you see a controversial message from BOOM, “Ditch the eye shadow?” That sparks debate and people start commenting and creating engagement.

For this campaign, we are optimising for purchases and building a retargeting audience.


3. Lead Magnet

Simple but important. This was the main strategy that I used at DigitalMarketer. We would have anywhere from 10-12 lead magnets running at any one time in different campaigns, because that business really needed to generate leads first before we did any direct selling. BUT, any business type can use lead magnets, even if you don’t see a direct return straight away… (like you all expect). These are such important and valuable campaigns to run.

Any business type can use lead magnets. With BOOM we are always running lead magnet campaigns so, when the fourth quarter and holiday season arrive, we know that the many leads generated means we have a large email list of people to monetise instead of monetising to people who have already purchased that year. Even though we are not generating sales right now, we are doing this to build the groundwork for flash sales throughout the year.

Lead Magnet Example:

This Lead Magnet features an attractive offer page converting at 75%. In exchange for the customer’s email address, they receive a huge swipe file from me… Molly Pittman about critiquing ads.

For some types of businesses that are selling products such as information products, computer software and memberships it is essential to use a lead magnet to first build a relationship and then start to sell them your service.

Example: Amy Porterfield Quiz

Running a tonne of ads directly to the quiz. A really great traffic strategy that you must be utilising.


4. Free Video Series

This strategy takes the most work from a production side of things, but this is the best Facebook traffic strategy if you are wanting to build a relationship with an audience and especially if you are wanting to sell something of higher value.

Example 1: Molly’s Free Facebook 7 Day Course.

This page is converting at 85% to cold traffic because I am giving them something that is of value… and it’s FREE.

This Free 7-day video series is evergreen, meaning the whole series is available from the date you sign up.

Targeting:    Warm audiences of Ezra Firestone and Molly Pittman’s to cold traffic, marketers, entrepreneurs like Marie Forleo that have an audience that I can serve with this offer.

The images below are our 3 different creatives:

We have used one image and two videos in this campaign.

Another example of the Free Video Series from Serving Christians

Free 9 day Docu-Series.

A client went over to Jerusalem and filmed the entire series. This is high-quality (you don’t have to do that) and made to generate leads not money. Even though we are selling e-commerce products on the back of this to Christians, they are using it for lead generation.

The campaign ran over a two-week period and generated 157,000 leads for them.

After someone goes through the Docu-Series they are sold a number of products and they love the brand because they got a FREE course (e-commerce businesses don’t do that, no one gives value first).


5. Dynamic Product Ads

Generally used for e-commerce businesses but you can use them in any business if you are willing to manually set up a catalogue. Most people use dynamic product ads for retargeting which is what they were built for.

Objective: Catalogue Sales

This works so well because most people aren’t using catalogue sales as an objective. Facebook factors the objective into the inventory when you are buying traffic. So, if there aren’t a lot of people using the Catalogue Sale Objective, you can get really cheap traffic in your market vs everyone who is using the conversion objective.. because that is what we want.


Example BOOM – Broad Dynamic Product Ads:

This campaign features dynamic product ads that are going to completely cold traffic and targeting a broad audience – Women over the age of 45 in the United States.

Catalogue Sales

When you use Catalogue Sales, Facebook is factoring in data they acquire from users’ interactions on Facebook about the types of stores where they are shopping online.  When we use catalogue ads, Facebook is targeting BOOMS ads to women who are most likely to purchase makeup who are in the age range. This strategy is a way to target people who are buying similar products to yours with functionality that’s not in Facebook’s targeting.

This strategy is underutilised and should be used more.

Scale comes from using new offers and new types of campaigns.

Key Takeaways:

  • Check out BOOMs ads in the Facebook Ads Library
  • Use 5 stars in your ads
  • Use testimonials
  • Use an Intro Card. Make the first card your Intro Card and the second card as the first product.


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Molly Pittman

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Molly is a digital marketing expert and educator. She is the co-host of Perpetual Traffic, one of the most highly regarded marketing podcasts around. She also coaches and consults with businesses to provide unique digital marketing plans tailored to their goals and setting strategy for some of the world’s fastest-growing companies.


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