Let’s face it, a lot of us need to work on our sales copy.

When you are selling a product, WORDS MATTER!

Today we’re going to explain the 3 areas you need to focus on when writing your sales copy.

There are a lot of formulas out there to help with writing sales copy. The T.A.P method is simple and will give you the knowledge and increase customer response and sales.

Firstly, here’s the T.A.P method:

T = Transformation

What is Transformation?

Transformation is the idea that the only thing we are selling is a transformation.

The transformation is from the Before State into the After State where a customer has your product.

Russ has a saying that “All products are potions”.


Imagine people are buying a potion (your product) and they are going to drink the potion and your customer is going to be transformed into the after state.

You are selling the movement from the unsatisfactory state to the satisfactory state.

“If you buy my product you will be in a satisfactory state.

When writing your copy, explain how your product transforms your customers from BEFORE to AFTER.

If someone purchases your product, what will your customer have that they don’t have now?


For Example: DigitalMarketers Content Marketing Certification

The copy:

“Finally, You’ll Have a Step-By-Step Plan For Turning Content Into…


Ask yourself, if someone attends your event, what will they have after they “drink your potion” that they don’t have now?

Another thing to consider when selling your product is a Metaphor or Simile.

If you are having difficulty explaining how your product transforms a customer, use a Simile. Describe to the customer what the after state is going to be like.



DigitalMarketer Lab


It’s like Netflix for marketers.

It’s like a “machine” that turns your content into free, targeted traffic.


Raising status is also another form of transformation.

People respond to status; your POTION should raise someone’s status.

For Example:

DigitalMarketer LAB


“Content Master”

“Certified Content Marketing Specialist”

Certification Badges


Status Symbol


  • The way you articulate your offer.
  • What is it like before your customer drinks your potion?
  • What do you have that’s different?
  • How does your status change?

These are the things to think about when writing copy.

The next step is:

A = Authority

You need to establish the instructor’s authority.  You need to gain more trust by exampling you and your authority.

You need to tell people… “Hey! We know what we are doing”.

  • Add a Bio about yourself
  • Build yourself up


Examples: Establish authority

Concentrate on how you are going to build the authority of the instructor and the brand in your copy when you are talking about your product.

The last thing you need to focus on with your copy is…

P = Proof

Provide as much proof as you can and if you don’t have any proof you need to make it a high priority.

Testimonials saying great things about you and your product are perfect examples of proof. Showing that your product works, that it has worked in the past and it working now is also a great example of proof.

So, these are the ways you make your offers more compelling and one of the main things to take away from this post is…

Words Matter.


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Russ Henneberry

Content Marketing Expert & Founder of Modern Publisher

Russ Henneberry literally wrote the book on digital marketing and is a Content Marketing Expert! He co-authored “Digital Marketing for Dummies” and was formerly the Director of Editorial at DigitalMarketer. Russ recently established “Modern Publisher”, a community of people selling information products that provide tremendous value to their audience.


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