Do you have a great product that just isn’t selling?

Are you asking yourself, “Why aren’t people buying?”

In business, we see people building amazing products; however, the issue is that these amazing products just aren’t selling. This leads to us asking ourselves… what is the problem? Why aren’t people buying?

A good product on its own may not sell, instead, you need to work on improving your OFFER. In the 5 Irrefutable Laws of Selling, Law #2 is the Law of Offers and to continue on from this…

Here are the Top 7 ways to make your product irresistible:

1.    Add Payment Terms 2.    Bundle Products
3.    Offer a Free Trial 4.    Offer a Bonus
5.    Offer a Guarantee 6.    Make a Flash Sale Offer
7.    Contribute to a Cause

Let’s begin with #1…

1. Add Payment Terms

Instead of asking for the total price of the product, why not create optional payment terms.

For example: 3 easy payments of $295 or 1 payment of $885

One, two or three optional payment terms is an improvement over just the one.

2. Bundle Products

As Russ explains in his DMDU Connect Presentation on the 5 Laws, “The problem is not the product itself, but the way you are structuring the offer.”

“Products are not offers”

To start, there is a big difference between a product and an offer.

By placing a Black Box (your product) on a table… that does not become an offer, however, when you add a price to a product, that becomes an offer. “Give me $XX amount and I will give you your Black Box.” By adding a price, this now becomes an offer, not a very compelling offer, but it’s an offer.

So now you have to persuade your customer on why they should buy your Black Box.

3. Offer a Free Trial

Instead of asking for the full product amount, offer a Free Trial…”Try it Free for 30 days!”.

This creates a better offer and leads to more activity around your product.

For example:  Buy a product and get 30 days FREE trial to get started.

4. Offer Bonus

Instead of asking for the full product price again, Say.. Buy a Black Box and Get a Green Box FREE!

The bonus is the Green Box. The Green Box does not have to be to the same value as the Black Box.

For example: Buy a Course and Get 1-hour Consulting Fee FREE!

5. Offer a Guarantee

Offering a guarantee with your product eliminates risk for the buyer.

Example: Don’t like your black box, get a full refund within 60 days.

Russ’s guarantee at ModernPublisher is “Our Double Guarantee”.
Russ takes a lot of time structuring his guarantee, as it is part of his offer.

6. Make a Flash Sale

What is a Flash Sale? A flash sale is a deep discount for a short amount of time. Typically, more than 50% off for 3 days.

As Russ Henneberry said… “You should really be using flash sales if you are in the information space”.

Leader Box Flash Sale Offer > Ends tonight! 10% Off  New Subscriptions!

7. Contribute to a Cause

This is part of the offer…

For example: Buy a Black Box and we will give a black box to someone in need.

You are creating an offer that is aligning you with a social cause. People want to be a part of something.

TOMS Shoes – Will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. One for one.

Marie Forleo has an entire page dedicated to this, letting her customers know where their contributions go. She takes percentages from her sales and gives them away to charities.

So, these are the ways you make your offers more compelling and one of the main things to take away from this post is…

Your Product Is Not Your Offer.

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Russ Henneberry

Content Marketing Expert & Founder of Modern Publisher

Russ Henneberry literally wrote the book on digital marketing and is a Content Marketing Expert! He co-authored “Digital Marketing for Dummies” and was formerly the Director of Editorial at DigitalMarketer. Russ recently established “Modern Publisher”, a community of people selling information products that provide tremendous value to their audience.



Before you start implementing Russ’s 7 Ways to Make Your Offers Irresistible, you need to read and watch –The 5 Irrefutable Law’s of Sellingso that you can get a clear action plan how to start actually selling your products.

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