Guardians of the Future….

I love this photo… to me it sums up why we do what we do. Having just wrapped up another DMDU Connect on the Gold Coast the understanding of why we do what we do is very clear. I must admit in the few weeks before the event I was questioning WHY!

Left to right Sonya Keenan, Spencer Billson, Molly Pittman at DMDU Connect on the Gold Coast August 24 2019

Guardians of the Future.Left to right Sonya Keenan, Spencer Billson, Molly Pittman at DMDU Connect on the Gold Coast August 24 2019

You see we don’t run the event to sell anything other than community and the power of shared knowledge… I don’t think I full understood it until this last week. In the lead up I had a lot of people telling me I needed to “monetize” my offer. I had no idea what that would be and for me as a coach who helps others do this everyday, it was disconcerting. You see I don’t have an offer other than “come to DMDU Connect”, buy a ticket, join the FB group, turn up and strap in for the ride… That is it.. buy a ticket, show up, learn, apply, refine, repeat…. I also realised that this is no longer  a passion, it is my mission. Help business owners and marketers dare to dream, dare to  believe.

This weekend I meet hundreds of people, I even had people crying because they had finally “got it”- something someone said helped the penny drop, the information morphed into knowledge and now it could be applied….

I worked out that the members of Digital Marketers Down Under as a collective are now responsible for over $300,000,000 sales per year, serving millions of customers, supporting thousands of families…. You and your business are the back bone of our economy and I am proud our community serves you!

Now back to this photo … This is a photo of my dear friend Molly Pittman, this was her 5th visit in 2 years to support DMDU… her passion is contagious, you just feel better when she is around. The other person in this photo is a new friend.. Spencer Billson. If you meet Spence at the event  you could not help but be impressed.  He is wicked smart, engaging and his enthusiasm for learning and helping is well beyond his years. This photo of the three of us represents our community… Spence is the future, digital to him is as normal as breathing, it is a 7th sense, driving a keyboard is just an extension of his fingers, change is the constant in his life and he just intuitively adapts. Molly is the present, she has built a career on digital, her entire work life has evolved around it but at the same time she has had to navigate how traditional business fits, while dealing with the constant change. Me, I represent the past, but not in an old way, even though around these two I feel ancient 🙂 .  My role to to understand the principals of business that are the constant and interpret the paths that allow us to all scale and apply the present and the future to our business, because while technology will always change, human nature still appears to be a constant.

The power of all three… The past, present and future is in my mind the key to success…. Learn, apply, refine, repeat.

Now our focus does shift to the future… DMDU Connect 2020, Spencer is the first person I asked to be apart of next year, and he said YES! I believe that if we can attract young people to our community it will grow. Our student program will be a key focus of our efforts this year. Several of our students were back for the 3rd time, they are our future leaders, the future Ryan Deiss, Ezra Firestone or Molly Pittman. I look forward to watching them soar…

DMDU Connect tickets for 2020 are now on sale.. The pre-release price will be live until 5pm 31 August so locked in in now they will go up.. that is way this works…. Molly, Russ, Oli have all said they are back… I hope you are to…  Soxo




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