Russ Henneberry Shares his Lead Generation Secrets

Russ Henneberry is a former SEO trickster turned content marketer. He knows every trick in the book to get traffic to a page but quickly discovered that traffic did not necessarily equal revenue. So he devoted himself to the study of conversion and discovered it’s all about content.

What you put on your web page, social posts, ads and emails is all “content”.  And Russ is a passionate believer that in the online space, it’s content that can attract, convert and retain your customers.

“To build your business you need to pull one of these three levers: 1) get more leads 2) convert more sales 3) retain the customers you’ve already converted,” Russ says.

In this webinar, Russ breaks down the reasons you aren’t getting leads from online and the three things you need to do.

You wouldn’t show up to a tennis match without a tennis racquet and shoes, so why are you showing up online without any equipment to convert your traffic into a lead?


The three essential pieces of Lead Generation Equipment

1. Lead Magnet

A piece of content that has value to your customer and which you ask them to give you contact details in exchange for download or access.

2. Squeeze Page

Less than 2% of people will opt-in to an offer if there is more than one action to take on a page. A squeeze page to offer your lead magnet only has one action – you must enter your contact details. Squeeze pages convert at 60 to 70%.

3. Traffic

Find a way to sent traffic to your squeeze page – start organically by sending to your contact list and social media. If your squeeze page is working then start using paid traffic – like facebook or google.  Russ says paid traffic is like a gas pedal on a race car – when you are getting a good conversion rate, you can start accelerating your spend to gather more leads.

So what happens if you have all the equipment and you don’t have leads?

“This is the part of the show where I tell you your baby is ugly but I do all of this with love”

If you’ve got these three things, something is ugly and it’s either…

1.The offer is wrong

The offer for the lead is not valuable to your audience. They came looking for milkshakes and you gave them water – they just don’t want what you’re serving!

2. The way you describe your offer is wrong

How to communicate your offer in a compelling way is critical to achieve conversion and is why you should be spending a lot of time studying copywriting.

Controversially, Russ says to write better copy and be a good marketer you need to be a thief!

“You have to start studying other people’s stuff and swipe it. Find out what’s working and copy it.

3. It could be your targeting

Despite all the rumours, you can not sell ice-cream to eskimos. So is you offer being made to the audience who wants to buy it or are you attempting to sell Zimmer frames to teenagers?

4. The design is terrible

Russ advises to keep the template simple and unless you are a designer, leave the design to the professionals.

Lead Magnets that work

Lead magnets that provide speed for results, result in more leads and customer satisfaction. Some examples include:

  1. The Report.
  2. The White Paper
  3. CheatSheets
  4. The Webinar
  5. The Mind Map
  6. The Swipe File
  7. The Template
  8. The Tool

To get Russ’s swipe file of lead magnets,  real life examples of content that converts more sales and content that can retain customers – come to DMDU Connect 2019!

Russ is a keynote speaker on Day 1 and will be hosting a master class session on the third day. The Day 3 masterclass is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with Russ and get his help to review your content.

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