The “What type of marketer are you?” quiz is a bit of fun we had over a coffee or two (which may or may not have been laced with scotch) but the serious side of the quiz stems from the idea that marketing is getting both harder and easier.

And to navigate the growing complexity, you need to have a pretty good idea of what you’re good at and where the opportunities are.

Marketing today is much harder because there are so many different mediums we can use to get our message across…

  • relationship marketing
  • print media marketing
  • signage and promotional marketing
  • digital pay per click marketing
  • community and content marketing
  • direct marketing

Just to name a few.

But it is easier too, because there is so much information, training, tools and knowledge available at our finger tips.

Mad Men Marketers

Mad Men Marketers are slick, smooth and have copy to kill, but they are lacking authenticity so they need to round out their offer with relationship, community and content marketing.

But there’s a caveat on that advice… Content queen Lindsay Marder says “It’s not about speed and volume but quality”

“If you’re not a publisher, you don’t need to play the volume game”

Instead she recommends:

  • Deep, well thought out purposeful pieces that challenge your audience objections or add to their understanding.
  • Having a fewer, well tended pieces of content that are recycled regularly, refined and updated
  • Understanding and tapping into the belief system and emotions of of your audience

Lindsay has developed a content pipeline process to eliminate blog stress and keep you focused on content that matters. Her five step, 16 point plan gives you the framework to create and maintain a content based marketing program.

Lindsay is one of our guest speakers at the DMDU Connect 2019 conference this year.


Use the code “Marketer2019” at the check out.


Digital Marketing Wiz Kid

The number #1 problem in the digital marketing world is how easy it is to start a digital marketing campaign and how hard it is to actually get it to convert. Believe me, we know!

Creating a quiz to generate leads? Great idea and easy.. RIGHT?

WRONG. Connecting the dots, adding pixels, troubleshooting – I bet before it’s launched you’ve started another project already.

Podcast? Blog? Videos? All easy peasy….??

There are a million tools to make these things easy and more than 73 different digital marketing strategies you can use but each one takes a whole lot of time, effort and dedication to see it through.

Many of us get stuck at the starting gate and don’t know which one to pick. So what’s the answer to your implementation paralysis?

Get clear on the one thing your really need and see it through to the end! Get advice, training and support to help you understand the best way to use that tool, to maximise results and convert your leads to sales.

At DMDU Connect 2019 we have speakers talking about all the different strategies, but we also have people (like DMDU founder and coach Sonya Keenan) who has been there, done that, and can help you get unstuck.

Sonya developed a 3 x 3 Implementation Grid which you can DOWNLOAD HERE

DMDU Connect 2019 will bringing together a network of people who all have different specialities, different areas of expertise in digital marketing – rather than battling it out yourself, why not collaborate?


Use the code “Marketer2019” at the check out.


Old School Marketer

What are you waiting for? Every man, woman and child is walking around with an internet connected phone in their hand, and the yellow pages are long dead and buried.

Old School Marketing will never die but it does need to be supported by a digital strategy.

That strategy doesn’t have to be pay per click advertising, but is should absolutely at a minimum mean you can be found online.

If you’re not using digital marketing because you simply don’t know where to start.. the first place to start is to come to a DMDU Connect 2019 conference.

We will take the mystery out of digital marketing, It’s a conference for all levels of ability and focuses on strategy, results and taking the first step.


Use the code “Marketer2019” at the check out.


Lover not a fighter

Don’t worry, we love you too. Your passion, dedication and understanding of the customer is second to none and we applaud you!

You’re the next generation of ethical business people, behind some amazingly successful and emerging brands like Who Gives a Crap, Natio and many more.

But your sales are not self sustaining. It’s just plain hard work!

It’s time you started focusing on your conversions and analytics to get those sales rolling before your energy is tapped out.

Stop focusing on vanity metrics and start focusing on the metrics that count with John Grimshaw. We know numbers are boring but we promise John can give you some tools, tactics and shortcuts that will get you on an upward trajectory sooner rather than later.

John is an analyst, digital marketer, educator, and a Co-Founder of DigitalStrategyBootCamps.com. As the former Analytics & Data Manager for DigitalMarketer, John’s data-driven analysis helped to uncover new avenues for driving company growth and customer value. This included increasing annual membership sales by 11%. John has monitored and managed the metrics driving over $3 million in paid traffic spend, 443 million sent emails and hundreds of promotional campaigns. He has been featured on the Perpetual Traffic podcast and spoken at Traffic & Conversion Summit. In addition, he co-created the Analytics & Data Mastery course for DigitalMarketer and has taught for MarketingProfs.


Use the code “Marketer2019” at the check out.


Freak’en Awesome

There is a fifth category of marketer… the guys and girls who have bridged the gap between old and new, seamlessly creating a customer journey and experience that traverses the online and offline worlds to build a raving fan base!

These are the gurus of our industry and if you’re one of them, we want to hear from you!  We’re always on the look out for new trainers and speakers for our events. CLICK HERE to fill out our speakers form.

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