Headlining again this year at Digital Marketers Down Under Connect 2019 is an expert in finding real and actionable ways on how you can work fewer hours and still make more money.

Digital marketing guru James Schramko, Founder of SuperFastBusiness(SFB). will take you on the journey to greater success by following the path you’ve dreamed of, but never imagined could be within your reach.

If you want to learn how to succeed faster and take on board invaluable lessons from his book “Work Less, Make More”– James is the expert to point you in the right direction.

How can James help you?

“Discover how to:

– Get more traffic to your website
– Create the right offers to sell
– Convert more sales
– Sell without ever being pushy
– Price and package your offerings for high profitability
– Create and sustain recurring income subscriptions
– Avoid common mistakes most business owners make
– Become more effective with your routines and productivity
– Build and scale a team to do the work
– Dramatically increase your cash flow
– Reduce ‘overwhelm’ and know exactly what to focus on
– Remove loneliness from your entrepreneurial journey”

James Schramkowill give you the heads up on how to focus, generate leads and achieve the business growth you need to progress to the next level.

With James’ help you can learn how to ditch tired business models and old tactics. Stop hiding in the shadows and achieve your absolute best!

Learn about which business model is right for you, improve your conversion rates and get insider tips on how best to grow, train and hire an amazing team.

While you wait in anticipation to seeJames Schramko live at DMDU Connect 2019, here are some of our favourite videos of him in action:

For all marketing professionals, brand is paramount. How do you build your brand up to be a force to be reckoned with?

How To Build Your Personal Brand

Sick and tired of bottom-of-the-barrel customers? How do you attract and inform the best possible customers for your business? Watch this video to learn more:

What If You Are Experiencing Communication Problems With Your Customer

Starting a new online business can be daunting at the best of times. Watch here to learn James’ top three tips on how to focus, reset, refine and improve:

Overwhelmed? Focus On These Three Things and Forget Everything Else

Join us for the opportunity to see James Schramkoup close and personal and take advantage of his wide range of knowledge in a not to be missed event.

This is your opportunity to gain insights into how to ‘Work Less, Make More”and get the essential skills to build a profitable business, and a life you actually love.

Why do you need to be at DMDU Connect 2019?

It’s simple. Your customers are online. Can they find you?

DMDU Connect 2019 is Australia’s premier digital marketing event for business owners.

DMDUConnect 2019 is a two-day conference where you will learn:

– What’s working now

– How market changes are impacting your business

– Best practice for online marketing

If you believe there is a better way of marketing your business and getting more customers but aren’t sure how, you need to be at DMDU Connect 2019.

From start-ups to scale ups, SME’s to marketing professionals and agencies, this conference will give you access to the latest in Digital Marketing.

DMDU Connect 2019 features international speakers, curated learning and actionable content. Join the community that is taking the mystery out of digital marketing.

Can you afford to miss out?

For more information and to purchase early bird tickets now CLICK HERE

23 – 24thAugust 2019




Digital Marketers Down Under Connect 2019


Work Less, Make Moreby James Schramko


Super Fast Business

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