Still not sure? Below we’ve summarised five of the main reasons we think you should come including;

  • Accelerate your business growth
  • Increase your sales conversion
  • Get clear on your a to-do list
  • Improve your network
  • Join the community and learn from the best

And below that… are the five steps you need to take to convince your boss to buy you a ticket and a template to ask!


Accelerate business growth

There are only two ways to grow a business, get more customers or increase the frequency and value of purchases your existing customers make.
Whether your business is online or offline, the answer to both is digital marketing.
Digital marketing can help you to scale, grow and automate your business…. without having to dance on a main road in a minion costume or spend thousands of dollars on advertising and printed promotions.

With digital marketing you can find your customers and your customers can find you, when they google, when they are on social media, talking to friends or just randomly surfing the net.

Then you can follow them up with personalized service and reminders that will have them coming back for more.
Sounds great right? But where do you start? Come to DigitalMarketer Down Under and we’ll not only give you the road map (in fact you can have that right now by clicking this link) – we’ll also give you the tools and ideas to complete the whole journey.

So you’ve got some customers, found your market and created a kick-ass customer journey but the sales are slow or hard to win – sound familiar?

Thousands of businesses fail because of one simple mistake – they didn’t get the sales message right.

In an increasingly cluttered and digital world, full of instant messaging, instant gratification and every imaginable convenience, you really need to find the sweet spot.

DigitalMarketer Down Under will bring some of the best copy writers, direct sales gurus and content creators into one room to share with you their secrets.

Stop guessing and learn from hundreds of case studies, qualified and quantified by analytics.
find your starting line

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” — Winston S. Churchill

You might have already had some success with your digital marketing strategy or maybe you’ve been hiding under a doona because it frightens you.

Unfortunately, the world of business is changing and it is changing fast so it’s time to step up the next level and get out from under the Doona.

You might be sticking to what you know because you don’t have the time to keep up with the trends, or you feel like you’re already behind so why bother.

Make no mistake, this is going to be a problem for your business in the long run and it is keeping you getting to the next level, getting free of the daily grind and the endless pressure of running a business.

That is why we are bringing digital marketing industry leaders to the Gold Coast this August. This conference will shine a light on the way forward, the trends, the tools and the strategies you can use to systemize, automate and scale your marketing efforts.

In short, DigitalMarketing Down Under Conference is an easy, quick way to help you find your starting line and find the next three things that will make your business great.

As John Rockefeller says,

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

network at DMDU

None of us have super powers or time machines. No matter how hard you work, you only have 24hours in the day and two hands to work with – that is unless we find other hands to help!

Who have you got helping you?

Do they know what they are doing? Bring your team to DMDU and get on the same page. Upskill and invigorate your team to take your business to the next level with you.

DigitalMarketer Down Under Conference can set your team up for success, and fast-track the learning in your team.

It’s also a great place to connect with like-minded and complementary businesses.

More than 60% of the audience will be small business owners and entrepreneurs, the other 40% will be marketing professionals and agencies who can potentially fill in the gaps in your team.

We get it. Marketing is tough. There is no easy answer. You often fail as much as you succeed.

DigitalMarketers, the people that get it or are trying to understand it, are a tribe. We can talk your language. We’re all in the same boat.

It’s likely that you might find a new VA, an agency to help you or even just a kindred soul to talk to at this conference. We can’t guarantee that but we can guarantee that you will become part of our exclusive group, our tribe.

Like a good bra, our tribe will lift you up, support you in times of stress and generally make you look good!

So come join our tribe. Get your tickets to DigitalMarketer Down Under now!

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5 steps to convince your boss to buy you a ticket!

1. Ditch the pitch about personal development and experiences

This is not about you. This is about the bottom line – getting more sales by making your marketing work harder and spending less because you’re targeting better.

2. Start thinking about Return On Investment (ROI)

What is the value of getting it right the first time?

One week stuffing around, setting up a facebook campaign from scratch = $1500 in wages (minimum wage) plus advertising costs if you get it wrong.

Compare that to a cut and paste of a digital marketing campaign that’s been tried and tested (takes about a day to set up) and the company saves $1250 and has a campaign that works out of the gate!

3. Figure out how you’ll get the most out of the event

If you’re a specialist (you handle a core discipline of digital marketing such as content marketing, social media, paid traffic, etc.), show your boss the DMDU topic-specific tracks.

If you’re a jack-of-all-trades (VP of marketing, marketing associate, digital marketing director, etc.) show your boss the main guest speakers (Ryan Diess and Richard Linder) and this blog post:

Top 10 Takeaways from Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019 Every Marketer Should Know

Every year, thousands of marketers descend on San Diego for the annual Digital Marketer Traffic and Conversion summit.

Digital Marketing Down Under brings Ryan Diess and the team behind TCS to Australia for an exclusive mid-year update and an opportunity to see these guys in action – without having to pay thousands of dollars, fly 14hours with your knees around your ears and haggle for a seat with 6,000 other people!

4. Maximise the networking opportunities

Digital Marketer Down Under will bring together hundreds of professional marketers, from small business owners to agencies to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

If you’re looking to take your marketing to the next level, what better way then by rubbing shoulders with the smartest marketers in the room? There are networking events each night of the event, or you could arrange a cocktail hour or dinner with other attendees.

5. Write Your Template Request Letter

To help you in your approval request, we’ve put together this email template you can customize to send to your boss – be sure to fill in the details and adjust it to your own voice and company culture!

Dear [BOSS],

I would like to attend Digital Marketer Down Under Conference taking place on August 23 & 24, 2019 at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.

This is the premier conference for marketing professionals to learn direct from the USA what’s new and working in digital marketing. The sessions are focused on real, actionable content that we can implement immediately to grow our company – especially [SPECIFIC AREA OF FOCUS].

I am most excited about [SESSION] with [SPEAKER of COMPANY] because I will learn how to better [SPECIFIC STRATEGY].

I believe this conference could save us [ x days] in training and up to [$x] on our marketing campaigns.

As the [YOUR POSITION] of [COMPANY], I plan to use the event to investigate, improve and maximize our marketing spend and activities in the following areas:


The event will also give me a unique opportunity to connect with hundreds of other marketers, business owners, and agencies at networking events – and, speak directly to key members of the DigitalMarketer team.

The cost to attend the event includes:

Ticket cost: $597 for two days (one of which is a Saturday! So I’m giving up my own time for you, and if you buy now, you’ll be saving $1400 on the door price)

Travel expenses: [ESTIMATE]



Commuting costs: [ESTIMATE]

I’ve estimated the total budget to attend the event as [ESTIMATE].

I am confident that you will see this as a worthwhile investment. The Digital Marketing Down Under Conference is an opportunity to learn the latest strategies in tactics to enhance our marketing efforts.


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