Want an expert to tell you how to improve your ads?

…….. by expert we mean Molly Pittman

Join us on May 8th at 9am when Molly will review live ads from our community.

Recently at our Brisbane workshop Molly taught how she now sees the fundamentals of an effective advert and it is very different to when she first started running traffic.

The goal posts have shifted, the algorithms have changed and if we want to have ads that work we need to have copy that engages.

During this webinar Molly will reviews ads from our community and give you real time feedback on how these could be improved. So, even if you are not brave enough to send us your ads you will be able to hear the feedback she gives others.

So Join us May 8th at 9am for what will be a fantastic session.

Send screen shots of your ads with some details of what you want to achieve to info@dmdu.com.au by Monday 6th May

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