Digital Marketers Down Under Connect is the largest gathering of DigitalMarketer alumni and faculty outside the USA.

Normally you’d have to pay thousands to get on a plane and see them at Traffic and Conversion or enrol in their courses to get a few minutes of their time, but this August we’re bringing them to the Gold Coast for two days.

DMDU Connect 2019 is an opportunity to get up close and personal with the experts in traffic, content, conversion, optimisation and business growth including, Marcus Murphy, James Schramko, Molly Pittman, Lindsay Marder, Russ Henneberry, Mike Rhodes, Jeff Mask, Ralph Burns and Oli Bilson.

Want a little taster of the quality of our speakers? We’ve pulled together 10 of our all-time favourite podcasts featuring DMDU speakers…

That’s right! 10hours with our speakers for FREE.. check it out and add these Perpetual Traffic episodes to your playlist today.

But first, let’s kick it off by setting the scene for how marketing is changing today and what’s new to learn in digital marketing in 2019.

DigitalMarketer CEO Ryan Deiss recently gave this interview about the hard questions being asked at T&C 2019.

Traffic & Conversion Ryan Deiss

Molly Pittman is no stranger to Australian shores – she was recently here for a facebook traffic workshop. She’s one of the co-hosts of Perpetual traffic but one of our favourite episodes from Molly has to be the two part series on Facebook’s new Ad Delivery System.

Molly Pittman Perpetual Traffic

Ralph Burns is Molly’s co-host on Perpetual Traffic. Ralph is the owner of Tier 11 facebook and instagram ad agency that runs thousands of dollars in campaigns every week.

Ralph recently gave a fantastic breakdown of when and where you should use Instagram ads.

If you’re a small business – all this talk about ads and delivery systems can be so overwhelming and parlaysing that you often just need to find the right partner to help you get it out there. James Schramko is the master of scaling businesses and in this podcast he gives some great tips about how to find the right agency to help you achieve your dreams.

James Schramko

Facebook and Instagram are not the only online platforms you should be advertising on. If you don’t have a presence on Google Adwords – you could be missing out on some of the best, pre-qualified traffic there is!

Mike Rhodes reveals how to negotiate the Adwords profit curve on Perpetual Traffic Podcast 194 and how Google’s AI could change your business 153.

Russ Henneberry was the former director of editorial at DigitalMarketers and is the go-to man for creating a content system to generate traffic.

He was recently featured on the DigitalMarketer Podcast

If Russ is the king of content, Lindsay Marder is the queen. Lindsay created a content editorial system that is the envy of every blog producing company one the internet. Check out this podcast for some great tips about pushing content.

Lindsay Marder

It’s great to have ad campaigns running, content pushing systems but if you don’t know how to measure what’s going on – how will you know what’s working. John Grimshaw is the master of metrics. Find out what’s vanity and what’s sanity in this podcast..

To finish off this podcast fest, let’s hear from DMDU founder, Sonya Keenan about the thing that stops us all from achieving our wildest dreams… implementation paralysis.



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