Marcus Murphy is the Director of Sales and Monetization at DigitalMarketer and we are proud to have him head up the Digital Marketer team when they come to visit us Down Under in August

Marcus has worked with some the best business minds in the world and this is your opportunity to gain some of his extensive knowledge first hand.

This industry powerhouse is renowned for helping to grow mega sales teams for companies such as Yelp and Infusionsoft.

Marcus is also passionate about teaching small business, agencies and marketing professionals, strategies to succeed, navigate their way and flourish in a global marketplace.

Here’s our recent webinar with Marcus and discussion about his presentation for DMDU.

His key focus is about sharing what’s new, exciting and innovative in digital marketing – and what actually works to achieve accelerated revenue growth and sales productivity.

As a member of the Linkedin customer advisory board, Marcus will give you invaluable lessons on how to tap into the biggest social site for businesses and professionals. With over 560 million members globally, LinkedIn is the fastest growing social media platform in the world.

Marcus knows that LinkedIn is more than just a platform for you to showcase your own professional achievements and updates. LinkedIn is also a hugely valuable space for business owners to maximize their exposure and reach, as well as spark new sales conversations with professionals of all stripes.

Given that LinkedIn plans to get to 3 billion users (Facebook is only at 2 billion) and the platform is only in it’s infancy, this is information you simply can’t afford to miss.

In his new course “Marketing On Linkedin” join Marcus Murphy as he shows how to market your small, medium, or solo business on LinkedIn. Get tips for:

  •  sprucing up your personal profile
  •  building an effective company page that’s optimized for search
  • creating a smart content strategy
  • crafting high-quality, sharable posts

In this course he will cover the ins and outs of your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn business pages, and distributing content that will help you and your business start more sales conversations using LinkedIn. Watch as he unpacks his 10 years of experience in the hope of moving you to action.

Take the time to watch his “Marketing On Linkedin” course here: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/marketing-on-linkedin

At the Digital Marketing Down Under 2019 conference, come and learn first hand, the ways to use Linkedin to connect with, interact and engage with people in a new way, and how to use the platform in the right ways to start conversations that are easier to monetize than a one way email or outreach.

Learn ways to:

  • Optimise your Linkedin platform
  •  Explore value first, empathetic and thoughtful sales techniques
  • Find multiple points of interest to connect with customers and expedite the sales process
  • Learn how to cut through the ‘noise’ in the marketplace and how to have conversations that are more about ‘quality’ than ‘quantity’
  • Get further insight into the fact that great content without implementation is just another distraction

Join us for the opportunity to see Marcus Murphy live and take advantage of his wide range of knowledge with Digital Marketers Down Under.

Want a preview of Marcus in action?

Click here to view his 2018 T&C keynote 10 Things Every Marketer Needs to Know about Selling in 2018″

Or here to view the 2017 T&C keynote How to use Linkedin to Generate Sales and Land Appointments

Why you need to be at DMDU Connect 2019?

It’s simple. Your customers are online. Can they find you?

DMDU Connect 2019 is Australia’s premier digital marketing event for business owners.

DMDUConnect 2019 is a two-day conference where you will learn:

  • What’s working now
  • How frequent changes are impacting your business
  • Best practice for online marketing

If you believe there is a better way of marketing your business and getting more customers but aren’t sure how, you need to be at DMDU Connect 2019.  From start-ups to scale ups, SME’s to marketing professionals and agencies, this conference will give you access to the latest in Digital Marketing.

DMDU Connect 2019 features international speakers, curated learning and actionable content. Join the community that is taking the mystery out of digital marketing.

Can you afford to miss out?

For more information and to purchase tickets now CLICK HERE

23 – 24thAugust 2019



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