Do you have a side shuffle, a skill, a small business created from a passion or maybe just an idea?

You believe it could work, maybe you even have a few customers already…

But you’re busy or scared or confused because marketing just keeps changing! Sound familiar?

Do you feel stuck and don’t know where to start?

It doesn’t need to be complicated.

Here are the three things you need to do first:

1. Understand who your customer is
2. Switch your focus
3. Tell not sell

This is the starting point for you to be great at digital marketing!

In 2019 it doesn’t matter what type of business you want to create, you have to be online. Whether you are:

• Bricks n Mortar
• Bricks N Clicks
• Business to Business
• Retail online
• Tradespeople or
• Service Providers

Your consumer is looking for you online, and you need to communicate with them!

Effective digital marketing doesn’t need to be complicated.

Because digital marketing is just marketing:

Connecting with your customer, making the right offer at the right time in the right place.


1. Get a clear picture of WHO your ideal customer is.

This will impact virtually every aspect of your marketing and sales. DigitalMarketer is our go to resource for how to develop a customer profile. They have a fantastic customer avatar worksheet that has become the building block for everything we do.


And complete it NOW!

2. Switch your focus

Digital marketing is not about selling, it’s about being customer focused. As a small-medium business owner, you have a competitive advantage. You are unique, you know your customer intimately and you can connect with them individually. Show them you care, show them you know their pain – it’s why you created the business in the first place, isn’t it! Write down or make a simple voice memo – put it somewhere you will see it daily and remember, every day is about the customer.


2. Tell not sell

In 2019, this strategy is more important than ever because people want stories they can connect with (even if the interactions are online). With digital marketing, you can tell your story to connect with new customers and build value. Getting clear on the value you bring to customers, sharing stories about how that changed people’s lives is so powerful. DigitalMarketer has a fantastic resource called the “Before & After Grid” which we use to map this out.


You can get great results by starting with these simple steps and if you are ready for more maybe check out our annual 2-day event, DMDU Connect, where you can immerse yourself with other like minded business owners and learn more about building your own digital marketing machine. Go to dmdu.com.au and grab a ticket.


Digital Marketers Down Under (DMDU for short) is a community of marketers committed to best practice online marketing to deliver goods and services to our customers. The group is coordinated by Sonya Keenan, Founder of Omnichannel Media Group and certified partner of DigitalMarketer. Sonya is an active member of the DM tribe and regularly attends training and development sessions in the USA. Each year she brings the DMDU community together for a conference (DMDU Connect) to hear from some of the leading trainers and practitioners in our field to find out what’s working, what’s new and how we can improve our traffic and conversion online and off. DigitalMarketer is a major sponsor for this event and sends some of its brightest stars.

If you would like to join this community and get regular updates and training, CLICK HERE.


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