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Audience Q&A

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How does Molly Pittman scale Facebook Ads?

“Email is Dead?” Don’t tell Russ Henneberry that! Learn how he launched theCLIKK.

Throughout the event, we’ll be taking your questions about the content and answering them LIVE on the air.

“Awesome event! Thank you DMDU team for hosting this. I look forward to next year!”

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– Mark Westcott

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DMDU Connect Speakers

We have gathered the best of the best to help you re-build and grow your business.

Molly Pittman

Molly Pittman

Facebook & Instagram Ads
CEO of Smart Marketer


Molly has certified thousands of marketers in paid traffic and customer acquisition and personally spent $8mm+ on paid traffic channels like Facebook, Google, and Twitter while maintaining a positive return on investment.

Molly started her career as an intern at DigitalMarketer.com in 2012, excelling to VP of Marketing in 2014. She held that position until 2017, when she started her own consulting agency.

Most recently she worked with Smart Marketer to develop a “Train My Traffic Person” course which offers a coaching and consulting service to help marketing professionals in small to large businesses optimise paid advertising campaigns. When she’s not teaching, Molly spends her time setting strategy and running ads for some of the world’s fastest-growing companies.

Russ Henneberry

Russ Henneberry

Content Marketing Expert
Founder of Modern Publisher 


Russ Henneberry literally wrote the book on digital marketing.

He co-authored “Digital Marketing for Dummies” with veteran entrepreneur and marketer, Ryan Deiss. 

Formerly the Director of Editorial at DigitalMarketer, Russ has trained and certified thousands of professionals in the art of content marketing through his coaching, courses and stage presentations.

Russ recently established Modern Publisher, a community of people selling information products that provide tremendous value to their audience and aren’t ashamed to charge for it. 

Russ Henneberry

Ezra Firestone

Founder of Smart Marketer, Zipify Apps, BOOM!
Ezra Firestone has been recognized by Shopify and Entrepreneur Magazine as a leading ecommerce expert and a refreshing voice in the entrepreneurial community.
He has founded multiple 7- and 8-figure brands (generating over $85 million in the past 4 years), and shares his personal and professional insights through Smart Marketer and Zipify Apps.
An outspoken proponent of “people over profit,” he leads a team of 95 employees while traveling the world educating business owners on how to build brands with integrity and purpose.
Most recently in 2019, Ezra partnered with Shopify to create their premier course on Facebook advertising.
Oli Billson

Oli Billson

Entrepreneur & Business Coach
Founder Next Level Business


Oli has been in business since the age of 15 and has created 4 multi-million dollar businesses, one of which he scaled internationally with 170 franchises and has recently sold.

Oli’s superpower lies in strategizing and implementing conversion-led, money-making sales and marketing funnels. When he fancies it, he also spends time as a Consultant to many well-known entrepreneurs and business growth experts.

His latest venture is NextLevelBusiness.com, transforms “normal” businesses into fast-growth businesses that experience double-digit growth year after year.

John Grimshaw

John Grimshaw

Chief Marketing Officer of Smart Marketer


John Grimshaw is an analyst, digital marketer, and educator working to educate business owners around the world. The Chief Marketing Officer of Smart Marketer, John has monitored and managed the metrics behind over $6 million in paid traffic spend, 443 million sent emails and hundreds of promotional campaigns. In addition to creating the Analytics & Data Mastery course for DigitalMarketer, his credentials include features on the Perpetual Traffic Podcast, the eCommerce Evolution Podcast, speaking at Traffic & Conversion Summit, and teaching for MarketingProfs.

Marcus Murphy

Marcus Murphy

LinkedIn Instructor & Author
Sales & Monetisation Expert


Marcus Murphy is a business expert who cares deeply about the flourishing and success of entrepreneurs. He previously worked for Yelp in San Francisco, going from start-up to a multi-billion dollar giant. He sits on the advisory board at Linkedin and is a sought after speaker and trainer to LinkedinLearning’s more than 22 million students.

Marcus worked at Keap as the Global Partner Development Manager where he developed and broadened new international markets throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

Marcus was a senior member of the executive team at DigitalMarketer and is widely known for his business partnerships with people and brands like Tony Robbins, Daymond John, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Linkedin. Marcus is a speaker with keynotes at conferences like INBOUND, Hypergrowth, Dreamforce, Social Media Week, ICON, Digital Sales and Marketing Day, and many more. He is also the host of Traffic and Conversion Summit and Affiliate Summit, boasting more than 20,000 attendees between them.

Marcus is currently the co-founder and CEO of The Five Percent, an international community geared toward inspiring, equipping, and facilitating actionable content for emerging entrepreneurs.

On a more personal note, Marcus is a husband to his beautiful and talented wife Gina and their two amazing daughters Florence and Pearl.

Sonya Keenan

Sonya Keenan

SME, Bricks & Clicks Strategy
Founder of DMDU & OMG


As Managing Director of Omnichannel Media Group (O.M.G.) and Founder of DMDU Connect, Sonya has been responsible for building a business that helps people to grow their own businesses online. With a career that has spanned from micro-business to the board rooms of some of Australia’s largest corporations, Sonya understands the opportunity that digital offers all business and she is passionate about helping others to succeed through creating compelling stories that connect with your audience.

Sonya believes that digital marketer is no longer a silo strategy…. It is at the core of all marketing and communication. Businesses need to be where their customers are when their customers want them…. The challenge face all businesses is how they do this.

Mike Rhodes

Mike Rhodes

Ultimate Guide to Adwords
Founder of WebSavvy


Mike is the Co-author of the world’s best-selling book on AdWords. ‘The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords’ has sold more than 100,000 copies and remains our go-to guide for AdWords Campaigns.

Representing Google on stage at numerous events, Mike has also spoken at The Google Plex in Sydney, Digital Marketer’s Traffic & Conversion, Baby Bathwater, and also for marketing legends Brian Kurtz, Ryan Levesque, Ed Dale and James Schramko.
Mike’s focus is always on how to leverage the near future to build more profitable businesses. Helping you figure out ‘what’s next’ for your business, and more importantly what to do to profit from those future trends.

His own Melbourne-based digital agency, WebSavvy, has been building and running campaigns for businesses and brands all around the world for more than a decade. WebSavvy is now Australia’s largest independent Google Agency, top 18 global Google Partner and a premium Facebook Partner.

He also teaches hundreds of agencies how to improve what they do – both the technical side of ‘how to do Google Ads better’ and how to scale their agencies through his paid traffic training and coaching forum, AgencySavvy.

Ash Roy

Ash Roy

Podcast & Online Coaching
Founder of ProductiveInsights


…podcast with over 175 episodes featuring some of the world’s leading online entrepreneurs and content marketers.

Previous guests include Ryan Deiss, Richard Lindner, Roland Frasier, James Schramko, Amy Porterfield, Sonia Simone, Brian Clark, Mike Rhodes, Rand Fishkin , Neil Patel, Noah Kagan and lots more.

Ash occasionally speaks on stage and has spoken at Superfast Business Live, Macquarie Bank and IBM.

His membership program called Get Me To Done helps business owners build their online businesses using content strategies such as podcasting, blogging and marketing automation.

Ash Roy

Meryl Johnston

Chief Executive Officer for Bean Ninjas


Meryl Johnston is the founder and CEO of Bean Ninjas, the global bookkeeping business she launched in seven days in 2015.

She’s a Chartered Accountant and has 10+ years of experience in commercial accounting roles, as an auditor at international firm BDO and as an accounting lecturer.

Meryl and the Bean Ninjas team are on a mission to educate and support 10,000 business owners in making data-driven business decisions to create freedom in their lives.

Ash Roy

Jo Murphy

Community Manager Team Traffic 


Jo Murphy left the halls of academia six years ago to pursue a career as a freelance digital marketer. She specialises in Facebook and Instagram, works primarily with environmentally friendly eCommerce businesses, and once sent a slinky down the staircase of a ten storey building. 

As an active contributor in some of Australia’s biggest online business communities, Jo is passionate about providing solid information and education to businesses of every size and believes that meaningful connections and collaborations are one of the biggest keys to success.

When she’s not working with Facebook/Instagram ad clients through her own business The Ad Nomad, she’s busy working alongside the SmartMarketer team as a community manager for Team Traffic and Train My Traffic Person.

Ash Roy

Nehal Kazim

Founder of Ad Pros


Nehal is the founder of Ad Pros, a Facebook ads agency and education company. Ad Pros is designed to equip entrepreneurs, marketing teams and media buyers with the tools, education and resources to scale Facebook advertising campaigns.

Marcus Murphy

Dr. Anthony Fernando

Shogun of Training Dojo


Resident doctor, education master and all-round nice guy, Anthony Fernando is the keystone of our training team. Anthony’s efforts have enlightened countless users and helped bring SEO to the masses.

Anthony has had a long and varied career, met with success at every turn. At the age of 10 Anthony began to assemble his mosaic of skills by teaching himself to programme in BASIC.

Over time he has added further programming, IT consultancy, anatomy, saxophone playing, neuroscience, molecular biology, swing dancing and most recently a PhD in Education to his repertoire, becoming so broadly knowledgeable it’s sometimes thought he may have invented the idea of “information”.

His gift for teaching manifested itself nearly a decade ago when he developed and marketed his own brand of educational software for beginning pianists.
The author of the inspirational fable ‘The Oracle’s Secret’ and developer of www.dontquitpoem.com, Dr. Anthony has inspired over one million people worldwide.

Previously a colleague and business partner of Eugene, Anthony was sworn in as a Shogun so that he might impart a mere fraction of his knowledge to us all.

Anthony is currently the standout favourite to win the Noble Samurai Greatest Human Being Ever award, edging out the close second Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in the latest polls.

Russ Henneberry

Dominic Cummins

Founder of RightMind

After pursuing a successful sales career that started at the age of 19 and culminated in leading a software company to a successful $500 million exit, Dominic founded RightMind, along with his wife, Ivana.
The goal of RightMind is to help small to medium-size businesses establish the processes, people, and approaches that will ignite growth and scalability. After spending years working around marketing professionals, Dominic founded APEX Agency Growth, along with another successful agency owner, Doug Foley.
APEX is a mastermind and coaching program designed to help agencies find and fulfill their purpose while creating profits to support their lifestyle and goals. To see more of Dominic’s content, check out his LinkedIn profile, and also follow #aligncreatepropel.
Russ Henneberry

darren jenkins

CEO and Co-Owner of X10 Effect


Darren Jenkins is CEO and co-owner of X10 Effect, the only internet marketing company in the world to take random seminar attendees and generate for them anywhere from $2,000 to $22,000 in less than 90 minutes. 

Darren spent spent 15 years in the music industry working as a record producer before pursuing his goal of financial freedom by tapping into the online business market, setting up and running automated online campaigns for clients and himself.

Darren has been coaching internet marketing for many years now and is responsible for some of X10 Effect’s biggest success stories. These days you’ll find him speaking at live events all over the world including England, Thailand, New Zealand, and Australia.

Russ Henneberry

liz raAd

 Co-Founder of the eBusiness Institute


Liz Raad is an entrepreneur and website investor who has bought and sold online businesses for over 12 years, has generated millions of dollars online and helped thousands of people increase the value of their businesses and digital assets. 

Liz and her husband Matt are experts in buying, renovating and selling websites and businesses valued at up to $20 Million, business investment advisors to high net worth individuals, Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, and Angel Investors and mentors in the digital business space. 

She is co-founder of the eBusiness Institute, with a mission to help people retrain for the digital age and understand how to leverage the value of their online assets. 

Russ Henneberry

Mandy Brasser

Founder, Streamline For Success


Mandy Brasser is the Founder of Streamline For Success.  She specialises in helping small businesses tap into the power of automation to capture more leads, convert additional sales and save hours every week.

After spending 10 years in the corporate sector, Mandy branched out 6 years ago to work closely with business owners to help them understand the opportunity and embrace technology as a tool to help their businesses succeed faster.

Mandy is passionate about work life balance and that everyone, including business owners deserve to gain more time back in their lives and focus on doing the things that they love, whilst being able to grow their businesses.

Mandy is an international award-winning automation partner and Digital Marketer Certified Partner based in Queensland.

Russ Henneberry


Founder, Social Charlie & Facebook Ad Strategist


Jody finished High School, started work in the Public Service as a Receptionist, was married at 19 and a few years later, kids came along which lead her down a path to find a way to make money that was more family-friendly than a 9-5 office job. In a not so obvious career change she became a Private Investigator and in 4 years had over $3 million dollars go through her business.

Due to all the Government red tape in the industry, she decided it was time to move on and she stumbled into the world of Facebook Marketing. Within 2 years she helped a start-up company generate $1m in their first 9 months selling a $497 online program.  However it all came at a cost and after burning out and hitting rock bottom, she dug in and founded her Facebook advertising agency and has helped her clients generate millions of dollars and 10x their return on ad spend. 

Jody also provides consulting, coaching and mentoring to help Ad Managers become epic marketers.

Ash Roy

Pauline Longdon

Emotional Direct Response Copywriter and Marketer


Pauline Longdon is an author, professional copywriter, and marketing strategist. She specialises in Emotional Direct Response and Cognizant Copy.  She’s been trained by the “who’s who” of the copywriting world and is currently one of Parris Lampropoulos’ coveted Copy Cubs (She is the first Australian woman to be trained by him). 


Her background as a Registered Nurse and an Army Major give her a rich source of life experience. She uses her life experience to keep her finger on “the pulse of humanity.” And that’s what gives her and the copy she writes, an edge. 


Pauline had to recreate herself after depression derailed her promising military career. On her discharge day, her brain was so fried she couldn’t read or write. Now she is a world class copywriter, mentor, and speaker. She was recently named as one of 10 women to watch in 2020 by the YMag (a popular print magazine here in Australia).

Russ Henneberry

Darren Craig

Founder, Fully Charged Media


Darren Craig is the founder of Fully Charged Media, a digital growth agency based out of Queenstown, NZ.

His clients call him the tourism marketing wizard because they are now able to scale their businesses (and profits) with confidence and clarity because they get to leverage his 25 years of experience paired with actual market data and facts to help them grow.

You can have the prettiest websites in the world, but if you don’t know what to actually do to turn all of the glitz and glamour into money, you are fooling yourself and arming your competitors.

Darren is passionate about educating businesses in digital growth and ensuring their budgets are getting utilised in the most appropriate areas.

Fully Charged Media are Digital Marketer Certified Partners and specialists in digital assessments, strategy, paid advertising and analytics, and are passionate about laying the digital foundations for businesses, and helping them gain clarity.

Russ Henneberry

Terence Toh

Founder & Chief Transformation Officer of StrategiQ Corporation


Founder & Chief Transformation Officer of StrategiQ Corporation, Terence is a results-based Business Growth Strategist who loves helping businesses to grow and prosper. Having founded, operated and grown several businesses over the past 23 years, Terence has ridden the inevitable ups & downs of business ownership – and it’s likely that he’s been exactly where you are now.

Russ Henneberry

Paul Higgins

Mentor & Founder of Build Live Give


Paul is the Founder of Build Live Give. Paul helps Coaches & Consultants to Build Online Businesses to Fund Lifestyles through memberships and group programs.

Having a major health challenge gave Paul the gift of putting his lifestyle first. Paul helps coaches and consultants to do the same, no matter how they came to the conclusion that working for themselves doing something they love is more important than the grind of working in a job.

Ash Roy

Barbara Turley

Founder & CEO of The Virtual Hub


Barbara Turley is Founder & CEO of The Virtual Hub – one of the fastest growing producers of digital marketing virtual assistants for businesses who need to free up time & eradicate overwhelm by leveraging highly cost-effective offshore teams. 
She is also an investor with a keen interest in scalable business models, content marketing and all things digital.

Russ Henneberry


Founder, Social Domination


Elisha is the owner at Social Domination. She works with local small businesses on social media to help them generate more sales and leads.

Russ Henneberry

Amanda Gore

CEO, The Joy Project
Trainer / Educator & 5 x Author


Amanda Gore is the CEO of The Joy Project and one of Australia’s and America’s most popular ‘experience creating’ speakers. She blends the principles of ancient wisdom with new research in modern science to wake people up to what really matters – in life and at work.

Involving the audience in an entertaining way that gets them all connected, she shares strategies, techniques and skills that allow people to adapt to change, transform their attitudes, eradicate fear, and improve relationships, communication, leadership, sales and customer service. The most important thing in life is how you feel about yourself – because that affects every other aspect of your life – especially your performance. The ability to make others feel good about themselves is rarely taught, yet critical for success in any field. People are 80% emotional and 20% rational – they will never forget how you made them feel! Amanda teaches people how to operate at that feeling level!

Her latest venture is The Joy Project. Her mission is to create a global joy movement where people learn to rediscover their joy, using the principles in her book JOY IS AN INSIDE JOB.

Peter Shaw

Paul Martins

Head of Economic Development, Sunshine Coast Council


Paul Martins commenced in his role as Head of Economic Development at Sunshine Coast Council in 2014. He is charged with the implementation of the Regional Economic Development Strategy, the region’s Major Events Strategy and Investment Attraction for the Sunshine Coast.

In FY2017/18, Paul’s team supported more than 6,000 companies achieving $503 million economic impact and attracting and supporting 2386 jobs. Paul was a key member of the project team that secured an international broadband submarine cable to the Sunshine Coast (the first government in Australia to achieve this).

Paul’s previous roles include being a member of the Federal Government’s Senior Executive Service holding onshore and offshore roles with the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade).

Paul was Australia’s Minister-Counsellor (Commercial) and Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner to Malaysia and Brunei and the Head of Austrade’s South East Asian Infrastructure and Mining and Oil and Gas Units, managing teams spread across seven countries.

Paul previously held posts as Trade Commissioner to Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean as well as Trade Commissioner to Indonesia helping companies secure major export contracts and facilitating investment into Australia and organising some of the largest Australian conferences, exhibitions and missions to these markets.

Paul has also enjoyed several roles in the private sector including as CEO of a large manufacturing business with offices across five locations in Australia and as Director of Sales and Marketing for an international manufacturing operation.

Paul is the Qld Chair of the Australia Indonesia Business Council, supports several Sunshine Coast Industry Boards and Committees and serves on a range of Council Taskforces including the Smart Cities and Innovation Program Process Control Groups among others.

Paul’s education qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Asia Studies, an MBA in Entrepreneurship, and several business and leadership short courses with AGSM, INSEAD and the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas. Paul speaks three languages and is married with two children.

Peter Shaw

Peter Shaw

Peak Performance Consultant, Philosopher and Mindset Expert


Peter Shaw is a Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Founder of ScaryandExciting.com

He has spent the last 15 years working with business owners, sales people, athletes, creatives and peak performers all around the world. Most recently working closely with Red Bull extreme athletes and endurance athletes as they search for the latest mindset strategies and training techniques. Peter teaches Neuro Linguistic Programming, Public Speaking, Stand Up Comedy and a zero fear Skydiving Workshop!

People seek him out for performance hacks, to solve unsolvable problems, and for his unique ability to cut straight to core of a problem and rebuild people and systems so the original problem doesn’t exist anymore.

Peter Shaw loves pushing people outside their comfort zone and putting the tools in the hands of his clients and students – and one thing is for sure, you’ll never be able to think the same way ever again after a session with him.

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Learn the latest strategies in paid advertising and digital marketing, all from the comfort of your home!

  Whether you’re new to this and looking for a comprehensive education in digital marketing…

 Or you’re a seasoned pro looking to up-skill…

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